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Tiger Woods…

Tigerwoods is the man of the hour. Yes, because he came back from a messy divorce, a pretty bad injury that many believed he had not right coming back from. Did the unthinkable by coming back into golf when the easiest thing was to hang it all up and retire. But this year he did one better. He won a Masters; one he had not won since 2008. That is 11 years. Talk of RESILIENCE people. Tigerwoods is a champion again and we are all happy for him. This is a lesson to everyone of us. Never give up on your dream or what you enjoy doing. If you do not succeed, try again, put some work to it. Change a times will not always be palatable but in the end it would be worth it. Just ask Woods he will tell you just how amazing it is and how it was all worth it.

Israel Adesanya the Last Stylebender win in UFC

Israel Adesanya…

Nigerian Israel Adesanya has continued is undefeated run by defeating Kelvin Gastelum to win the win the Interim middleweight title in the UFC. It was amazing and he truly deserves it. I am happy that Nigerians are doing amazing things out there and this is another man that has proven you can take up a legitimate work or sport and excel in it. I am so happy for him.

Game of Thrones

Aryei Stark and John Snow…

The First Episode of Game of thrones is finally here and don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers from me, at least not yet. But it was worth the wait I can assure you and you should find a way of watching it if you have not is all I am going to say. Aryei Stark is my character you best believe that. Nothing must happen to her or we are suing lol.

Formula one: Chinese Grand Prix.


In the early hours of Sunday my time. The Grand prix in China started and Hamilton was off the blocks the fastest and never looked back. But that is not where the controversy was for me, but Ferrari had the controversy. Leclerc the second driver in Ferrari is apparently the faster driver but Ferrari still prefer Vettel over him, and Max Verstappen almost overtook Vettel. I sincerely feel Ferrari needs to allow Leclerc drive and express himself. He is an amazing driver and his confidence should not be destroyed because they want Vettel to live in past glory. The Mercedes did a one-two and it seems early signs indicate it would be an easy stroll in the park for Mercedes but it is still too early to conclude.

Jumia goes Public

Jumia goes Public in the New York Stock Exchange and it is amazing with everything they have been able to achieve in Africa they deserve accolades to be honest and it shows the risk to invest in Africa did pay off.

That is all for the day folks. Remember You can achieve success wherever you find yourself. Some environments might make it easier but YOU amongst all other things decide IF you make it or not. Have a wonderful week.

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