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Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame…

Game of Thrones vs Avengers: Endgame…

Game of Throne…

It is Friday and that means the weekend is here hurray!!! And if you check your dates it means something significant to Movie watchers like me. Countdown to the GAME OF THRONES season Finale and also AVENGERS ENDGAME. I am so excited to be honest because for the first time we will be having Three hours of screen time in the Avengers and the Season of game of throne would be almost an hour long for each episode.

Avengers: Endgame…

Believe me when I say we have reached fever pitch just waiting for this two to come out. In the Avengers do we finally see Captain America, Thor and Ironman take a break from the big screen? Do we see the Hulk and Banner finally make peace with each other and work together? What is that one way the avenger defeats Thanos which Doctor Strange talks about in the Infinity Stone? How does the Quantum realm and especially Antman play a significant role in all of this? Yes, we have seen Captain Marvel in action but how does she work alongside Thor? Many questions and all this would be answered in the three-hour long movie. Oh! Boy what a rush.

Over to the Game of Thrones. What would happen when Jon Snow finds out he is related to Dany and she is infact his Aunt? What truly are the white walkers after? Would the Starks survive, or would there be casualties? What is Cersei’s plot twist in all of this? Aryei my favourite character, would she meet her end in this final season or would she be key to the starks gaining the throne. How would Sansa and Aryei treat Dany. How would the people of the North take the news that Jon Snow (though technically did not bend the knee) bent the knee to the Dragon Queen. The question on everyone’s lips is this. WHO SITS ON THE IRON THRONE IN THE END?! All these questions and we would need to wait few more days for answers my people.

My own question to you between The Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame if you had the chance to watch only one and you would not get the chance to watch the other which would you go for?

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to show someone some love… T21

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