Style of Government in Africa…

Style of Government in Africa…

African Union…

It is no news that Africa and its government are not doing well by its people. We have Presidents that should be retired running for second and third terms, changing the rule of law to favor their re-election and their conscience not feeling a thing. The economy of the countries has been worse off for such impunity and we must ask ourselves the real question just what would work in Africa. What style of Government would take us to the promise land?

I have been following the model of Rwanda and what transformed them in a short period from the Genocide 25years ago to one of the true giants in Africa. While studying their model I also the seeming progress of Ghana too and it seem one thing rings true in those style. According to a friend he described the President of Rwanda as Paul Kagame is not the ordinary Democrat like that. He is an autocratic (maximum ruler) civilian ruler who has demonstrated immense leadership capacity as a visionary and a thought leader in terms of “smart” governance, sustainable development, truth and reconciliation and national healing

He has proven that we can conceptualize and actualize a model of governance and development that meet our needs in the most admirable way possible. In fact he is not a democrat so my question is should the end be justified irrespective of the means? Or should we be more amenable to process in getting the result of our democracy”. My answer to this was “This is a dicey point, but if there is going to be swift change then the leader (who must have the interest of the people and country at heart and willing to sacrifice it all for the greater good) might have to do undemocratic things point to note; Ghana and Rwanda

If we really want to follow the democratic route we might have to wait for a long time. Because the people that want us to remain divided are not playing by the rules”.

My fear also with this kind of Governance is the misuse of it, case in view Nigeria, Cameroon and Zimbabwe just to mention a few. Can we still model our government to the European or is it time to carve out our own niche and build on it?

But it must be stated that this would only work if the people that are elected would be honest and true to the course, selfless and must have a vision. UAE is working because of a visionary ruler not a democratically elected person.

What is your thought? What do you think Africa needs now let us discuss?

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