Rwanda: 25 years later; We need to get United…

Rwanda: 25 years later; We need to get United…

I have told myself to be deliberately positive in the articles I churn out though everything you see or hear can make it hard to keep that promise but I really do try. Today I have been reading much about Rwanda as the world celebrates 25 years since the Genocide and I am both appalled at what happened and amazed at what is going on years after. Rwanda rose from the ashes and terror of Genocide, stood together, healed together, reuniting and becoming a far better country than it ever was. It shows a people who have learnt from their mistakes and never want to repeat such dastardly act ever again. The government is making sure that the country is developing and advancing right and it is a lesson for Nigeria and the rest of the world at large. It is time we learn to live, accommodate each other’s beliefs, political views, culture and way of life. So far, they do not contravene the law of the Land. It is time we do not crucify others because of the diverse opinion. It is sad that people would even wish people bad because they did not choose the candidate of their choice. That is awful and if you ever think like that you are part of the problem. No one should ever wish anyone evil because of his or her political view. Case in point the Zamfara killings and the vile statement of many.

We need to do better though our government also needs to step up. I also read what Romney wrote about immigrants and how America is now a magnet for them. It is so sad that the Romney family were from Mexico and where also refugees in America when Mexico went to war and the money stored by congress was used to help the refugees back then. So, the same system that helped him, accepted him and gave him a home is what he criticizes now. It is sad how humans quickly forgets in a position of power their humble beginnings. We need to show more love, more compassion and be more tolerating to be United. All what I have written starts with you. Show a little Love, show a little kindness. Be blind to color, race, religion when showing help, instead help anyway. Make the world a little better than you met it. Have a wonderful week people.

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