JUMIA, ACCESS BANK and DANGOTE doing it Big in Nigeria!!!

JUMIA, ACCESS BANK and DANGOTE doing it Big in Nigeria!!!


New Access Bank Logo 2019…

The Acquiring of Diamond Bank by Access bank is complete with the unveiling of the new Access bank logo which takes the former Diamond bank’s logo and splashes its color all over it. With this move Access bank just grew itself in the banking industry, yes, I know they were already in the Top 5 banks and in my own ranking probably 3rd when it comes to the new generation banks. GTBank and Zenith bank taking first and second respectively. But with this merger, the crisis GTBank is facing with Innoson and Zenith bank not really doing anything major of note. Access Bank might finish the year in number one spot. Congratulations are in order then for Access Bank with their training school and the graduates of the training school they churn out yearly with the packages that go with it. The management truly understand where it is headed, and it is a positive step in the right direction.


DAngote group…

Dangote group of companies, if I should put it that way is breaking boundaries and doing exploits in Nigeria I must say. I have quietly observed the CEO Aliko Dangote and his moves, and I can only use one word to describe his moves… AMAZING!!!

From the Cement he started from, to the salt and noodles. He took it up a notch with the Refinery currently being built in Lagos of which he has reiterated would commence operation in 2020 and get to full capacity of production in the 3rd quarter of 2o2o is a huge step not only for the richest man in Africa but for Nigeria itself. He has not allowed that slowed him down. He is also building a Car plant in Kaduna in Partnership with Peugeot (PAN) which would be huge for the brand and for Nigeria and to even blow your mind further; his company will be filing for IPO in the New York Stock Exchange. This is one man that is a goal getter and needs commendation to be honest. To round it up after he is done with all this project, he is coming for Arsenal football club. Yes, you heard right. He wants to buy Arsenal football club. We will just have to wait till 2020 or 2021 to find out if he will be getting his dream club.



The E-commerce company has survived in the harsh terrain called Africa. With little connection to internet and trust issues, Jumia was able to weather the storm in Africa and especially Nigeria but building an E-commerce company. In Nigeria when the recession hit, Jumia did not drown like some notable companies; Konga, OLX and Dealdey but found a way to merge all their franchise into one and become stronger for it. They where also hit but they came out stronger and as Jumia’s logo is seen on Timesquare signaling the IPO. You can only be proud of a company that has done good and deserves all the accolade it is currently getting. Kudos to the management team and all the staffs that did amazing work to get the company to where it is now. Hope when the money comes in the staffs get a taste of it also lol.



Finally, I must mention the German company Siemens with partnership with Crown Refinery entered into an agreement to build a refinery in Ondo, Nigeria. The $500 Million Investment will produce 60,000bpd. Amazing stuffs and I hope everything works out because all I want to see is better days for Nigeria.

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