Police Brutality and Killing…

Police Brutality and Killing…

It is no longer news that Kolade Johnson was killed by a police officer while he went to watch a football match over the weekend. He was innocent and the only child of his mother, he also had a child and a wife. His life was cut short because of the unprofessional nature of the police and it is sad that in 2019 we still have to complain about this thread.

It is worrisome that even with so called revamp of SARS to FSARS and all, we still have the same set of men in uniform terrorizing the public. They arrest the youths because of dreadlocks, because of tattoos, because of bracelet, because they drive good cars and not because of they are criminals. They kidnap this people, threaten them with death and jail time and ask for huge ransoms to regain their freedom and I wonder who should we be more afraid of? The armed robbers and kidnappers in the country or those that have been legally armed to protect us but act the exact opposite. When did we get this low when did things get this horrible, those charged to keep us safe are the same terror they where mandated to protect us from?

Inasmuch as it hurts, we cannot dwell in the problem which we already know, so what is the way forward, what can we do to get things right and get our uniformed men doing what they were assigned to do?

We need a Police reform quickly. A Wholesome revamp of the Police with better paychecks, better accountability, stricter punishment for erring officers and taking those guns off the streets. That is a good start. We will need better officers leading the states and getting the bad eggs out. We also as a people need to stop just the talk and start acting. Those Senators, com’on you are installed there for a reason, do your damn job you already get so much taxpayers money to just sit down and console the family of the bereaves via social media or news outlet. Be proactive for once, it would not kill any of you and make reforms that posterity will remember you for. Till all these things are implemented, we truly are not safe in our country we call home and it is a shame.

May those Officers that have brought tears, pain and sorrow to families all around the country meet their waterloo soon.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe out there people!!!!

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