What are you made of?

What are you made of?

Hope your weekend went great. So today I decided to write about this amazing topic, what really are you made of?

I have come to realize under the sun if power and riches show a man’s true character, I can categorically tell you trying times or tough times as people would try to call it show you and everyone that cares to look what exactly you are made up of.

No one ever wants to be in a position of feeling helpless, confused, tired of life. No one ever wants to be in situations where it seems all hope is lost, or you seem to do all things to get a result and nothing seems to be going your way. You seem to be looking for that lucky break and it seems not to come instead it seems the problem is compounded, and you ask yourself why you. This is when you know just how much you have grown, how much the books you have read have impacted your life, the motivational pieces you have confessed have worked, the plans you have made just how air tight they are. This is when you truly know just what you are made of.

It is left to you to either fall like a pack of cards or stand tall through the storm’s life throws at you. It is all in your hands.

But let me state you determine your reaction to it all. Either to give up or keep fighting. I am not going to sweet talk you that it would be easy, or it would go away after a week or a month or a year even, but if you have some faith and keep fighting you just might win.

What are you made of? Only you can answer that but, in your road, to discovering just how much you are made of, I have a word for you, (more than a word though if I am being honest). DO NOT GIVE UP. YOU ARE MADE OF SO MUCH MORE!!!! You will never know if you would win if you do not try and if after you fail, learn from it, dust yourself back up and get in there.

Have a wonderful week and keep shining!!!

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