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Hi Everyone, remember me? I am OJ for those of you that do not know me. So, you all have forgotten me so soon sigh. Humans! So typical, out of sight is out of mind yes? I have been gone for like a month or two and the emails, phone calls and fan cards have dwindled to zero! Wawu!.. Anyways I am back flying if you care to know, thank you but no thanks. My very first flight back and the drama continues but first my heart goes out to the families of the passengers and crew members of the Ethiopian Airplane crash. May the Lord comfort them and bring them peace and closure…

AIr France

“OJ it is nice to finally have you back, I had began to worry you had resigned from the job” one of the hostess, my crush said; “Resign and leave you in the hands of the wolves called passengers, no way I am doing that, “You are too funny Oj, I love your sarcasm”, “But I am being serious”. She laughed harder and I was puzzled. Did I look like a comedian to her or what? I have told Claire I liked her with my words, my actions but still she did not get it, probably she just did not want to get it at all. I was beginning to think she knew but just wanted to dump me in the friendzone while still enjoying the pleasures of a boyfriend wannabe. I promised myself I was not getting angry today especially on my first day at work and even the almight crush Claire was not going to switch my mood. Satan be gone!!!!

The plane took flight and the smell of the air, the slight tension I felt before every liftup, the sound of the increase speed of the tyre on asphalt was thrilling and my pulse increased. This was the love that kept me going back for more. This was the obsession that would not die. This is why I always wanted to be on board a plane. To feel like death had nothing on me.

So far nothing dramatic was going on. The passengers where uncharacteristically amazing. The plane did not have any hiccups and I was beginning to wonder if this was going to be the record flight that did not record one single hiccup. Oh, how I was mistaken because immediately that thought crossed my mind. It seems the whole universe heard my thoughts and rudely awoken to do what they knew how to do best. “My baby! My baby!! My baby!!! As anyone seen my baby please” came the shout from the Economic wing. I rushed the where the noise was emanating from to see for myself what was going on. A woman was in panic mode. She was crying her eyes out. I calmly told the other passengers to sit down to avoid any undue commotion. Then I asked the woman holding her hand “when last did you see your baby?” “I saw her last probably on the plane or before boarding I cannot really say”. She replied crying and unsure. “How does she look and how old is she?” “She is Seven, fair and slender. She has a ponytail done on her hair. She uses a pink glass”, the woman rushed the words, “What was she wearing I inquired, “A pink top on blue jeans with a Nike black sneakers” she cried harder, “You will have to calm down ma’am I am sure she will be alright, I will call my colleagues to search everywhere on the plane for her you just try and remain calm okay” She nodded but without convictions. “I immediately called for the other hostesses and described the child for them, and we all swung into action looking for the missing child, till something hit me. She said it was either in the plane or before boarding and it just might be that the child was not on board at all. I had that gut feeling and I felt panic hit me hard for the woman. Immediately I went to the cockpit and radioed the Pilot informing him of the missing child. He told me he was going to radio control tower, few minutes later we all agreed to turn back to the airport to find the child after a fruitless search on the plane. On our way back. Control tower radioed the pilot that the child had been found wandering the halls of the airport. She was safe. The relieve was epic when I broke the news to the woman, and everyone clapped on the flight regardless of the delay in reaching their destination. I had few questions though. How did the woman manage to forget a whole child at the airport and boarded without noticing? What is that she was going through a whole lot and needed help? Apparently, I could not ask these questions but one thing I did though was to make sure a relative was called and she be examined if everything was truly okay. That folks, is one of my numerous experiences of my flight gone south, I hope you have enjoyed this episode… If you did send me a postcard in the comment section. To keep telling you my stories.

Picture reference: Getty Images

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