NEWS: Formula One is back!!!!

NEWS: Formula One is back!!!!

Welcome to the news of the past week and the weekend. Some where pleasant, others not so pleasant. The New Zealand shooter has been apprehended to the relieve of the world. But the message I would like to focus on is that we all need to do better as humans, we need to love and respect one another regardless of religion, culture, tradition, race and gender. It is our duty to stand up for those that are weak and not allow them to be trampled upon while we turn away. It is well with the World…

The Australian Grand Prix…

Hamilton – Bottas – Verstapan

Oh yes the Formula One is back and for all my racing lovers you know I will be giving the up to date gist of what goes down during the Formula one season.

Bottas pulled the rabbit out of the hat in the first win this season. Also being the first driver to get 26points by also posting the fastest lap. That was amazing run by Lewis Hamilton’s teammate. No one saw that coming considering Hamilton dominated the qualifiers and started in pole. Vesterpen was a force to reckon with and almost took second if not for some fierce driving by Hamilton. It seems Hamilton was still in the holiday mood but with this win by Bottas. It would be a wakeup call for him. Vettel on the other hand and his partner Leclerc where no where near their best. Is it time for Ferrari to look elsewhere? Only time will tell. But Mercedes can go on and enjoy this win. But you know  my money is on Hamilton Car 44.

English Premiership and FA CUP.


I do not honestly understand how one competition can have two rules. How can the English FA state that only premiership grounds can have the VAR while non premiership teams cannot but in the Serie A and Laliga with teams that do not have up to the money of teams in the championship, they can afford the use of VAR is just tiring. It so happened that the decision to award Manchester City a penalty and the third goal which was adjudged offside against Swansea by many was given and Manchester city went through to the semi-final.  If only VAR was used this would have not happened. Even Pep voiced out this sentiment. I am so sad that the supposed richest league in the world could make such childlike blunder. In other results my darling Manchester United where walloped by the Wolves and you just have to give it to Wolves, they have been outstanding this season and it has shown in their results against the big six. Chelsea with their coach and his Sarriball kind of footie have proved futile. Again, Everton totally decimated the blues with a clean sheet, and you begin to wonder and question the players. If you ask me, it is time the owner and management of Chelsea sold some of these players.

The Governors have as much Blame as the President if not more….

It is surprising that most people are quick to throw stones at the presidency when their the very own Governor, Senator and house of representatives in their constituency have done nothing. If your state is still owing salaries that is the fault of the governor not the president, If your state cannot boast of good roads and infrastructure that is the fault of the governor not the president, if your state does not have quality healthcare system that is the fault of the governor not the president. If community projects are abandoned you can trace it to the governor, the senators and house of rep and not the president. I can go on and on. But if your governor is not working and telling you to blame the presidency for things he should be doing, and you decided to vote him in then you are part of your own problem. We have already voted in Nigeria. It is time to hold these men accountable and not point to finger every time to the presidency.

Have a wonderful day and remember not to take work too personal….

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