Johnny Depp: Vindication

Johnny Depp…

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp…

The Master in his craft, one-time highest earning actor. You know him by different name, but one name we all love to call him to Captain Jack Sparrow. He single handedly made the movie his and the franchise a must watch. Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was and will always be a hit because of the uncanny acting of a man known as Johnny depp.

Having said this, I am bringing this man up not because he has the best of character, or the manager of his wealth, but because of the dangerous trend women of this day are using the get the public to get on their side without hearing the side of the man. This trend as been going on for a while now and it tends to destroy lives, end careers and move many into depression probably even suicide if it is not watched. The Feminism agenda has been bastardized so much it has become a full-scale gender war in which the women are armed to the teeth and the man is left defenseless. Where the man is crucified and destroyed totally by Journalist, social media and even employers before he has a chance to say his own side of the story and even after saying his own side, without accurate evidence the female gender is always defended and even after so much evidence is brought forward, the female who is at the wrong is given a gentle tap on the wrist and told not to do it again.

Johnny Depp fell victim of his wife’s lies and intrigues in which she claimed Johnny hit her and tried to kill her on other occasion, she made it so compelling even donating the divorce pay to victim of domestic violence hereby making her the hero in the story and everyone attacked Johnny, called him all sort of names, even cancelled him and boycotted his works. It got so bad that Pirates of the Caribbean wanted to do a reboot and announced Johnny Depp was not going to be in it, while the career of his wife blossomed, and she got the role in Aquaman amongst others. After a few years gathering all the facts and coming out to expose his ex-wife. It is clear who the spouse beater was. She beat him, punched him in the nose, orchestrated the attacks to make her look like the victim, even cut his fingers in which he needed surgery. She was even caught admitting to some of the deeds. We must do better as a people.

Do not get me wrong, women are being subjected to really harsh and bad treatment across the globe and these evil men that do such should be brought to book but we must learn in this war of equality not to turn it into a GENDER WAR. I have never believed in equality because we were never born or created to be equal. I believe in EQUITY everyone should be treated fairly. Ask yourself if your feminism stand only advocates for one gender and not the other then you are the very MONSTER you claim to fight against.

The Lagos Story building Collapse…

My prayers go out to the family that lost a child or someone in general in the building collapse yesterday. It is so painful to say the least and the accounts of the accident filtering in is just heartbreaking. But I would say this. Let us all watch ourselves and realize that, we not only owe ourselves but our community to voice out when something is absolutely wrong. The building was marked for demolition, someone painted that over, probably settled someone and the building was not demolished and now the effect of such selfish actions is the loss of many lives with others still trapped inside. The blood of those dead is in the hand of those selfish elements. We can do better, we can be better as a people. It is not until we are in Government before we do what is right. Not only the Government should be blamed for the poor ruling of our nation. If a man that is supposed to do what is right in his job and looks the other way he is no different from the man in government. Let us do better.

College admission Bribery Scandal: Failing does not make you a Failure…

I read on Social media about the couple that bribed their way into making sure their child got into a school. People not every child would turn out to be an academician, not every child is gifted in the field you where gifted in, not every child will follow your path as a parent. Not every child will follow the dreams you abandoned because your parents wanted you to do something else. That is why we have career counsellors and behavioral counsellors. Let your child do that which supports his strength and encourage him aright, Do not and I repeat do not enforce or laud your will on the child, as our faces are different so we are. Let them succeed the field most suitable for them. Who would have thought being a social media influencer would be a thing in the past, who would have thought Digital marketing would also be a thing? Football now is churning in the millions, so is acting and singing. So pray, read up and talk to the child.

Finally, the fact a child fails should not be an embarrassment to you. In life we fail in things, but the fact that you fail does not make you a failure, if you fail, you learn and build yourself back up and go again. Do not pay the problem or the failure away instead encourage them, let them see the reason for the failure and grow to be better persons.

P.S We can do better as a people… We can do better. Equity for all, doing what is right not what is selfish and learning failing does not make you a failure is the advice for today.

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