With True Power comes True Character…

With True Power comes True Character…

Abraham Lincoln…

In one of my post on twitter I had said this even before the Taiwo Story, that with true power comes true character and it is so true. A man or woman without money, power or position might mask their true character because they are answerable to someone but when it is all said and done, when such a person acquires power, position or wealth they tend to reveal who they truly are.

If you do not know of the Taiwo story on twitter, it is about a HR personnel that told a guy he was rude after the interview for telling her she smelt nice. It was a compliment, but she not only said he was rude, she generalized and called every man mannerless which was so wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, people need to watch how they behave when they get into position of power, it is sad that when people are placed in such position, they tend to abuse it and are so unprofessional about it. This woman can be said to be just that. A compliment given should be followed by a ‘Thank you”, no harm done instead of looking down on him condescendingly. If roles where actually reversed the modern-day feminist will probably shout and scream and call it the patriarchy ego. It is high time we learn how to behave in position of power, learn the etiquette of a line of work and not answer with emotions or past experiences.

Which leads me to the second point. Generalization! People generalize because of past experience, current experience or things they have heard from close people. They tend to say things like this group of people are money conscious, or this group of people are wasters, or this group of people are dirty, because they have had experience with one person or even two. People should be treated on individual basis and given the benefit of doubt to a certain extent. Because one man seems mannerless to you does not mean all men are. Because one woman is rude to you does not make all women rude. Try to be objective and keep an open mind. It could just be a harmless sentence or compliment you know. Thanks for coming for my TEDTALK…

Cristiano Ronaldo…

Before I leave can I just say it is time we drop the argument, between Ronaldo and Messi. After Yesterday I can confidently say Ronaldo is the man. Highest goal scorer in the champions league, highest goal scorer in the group stage, joint highest for Hattricks. Highest for braces. Did it for Manchester United, Real Madrid and now Juventus, this man deserves the throne. ORORO!!!.

P.S Keep calm, take a deep breath, think before you answer……

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