The Ethiopian Air crash…

The Ethiopian Air crash…

Boeing 737…

It was tragic hearing about the Ethiopian airline crashing over the weekend. Every passenger on board that airline lost their lives. From Ethiopians, to Kenyans, Nigerians, Egyptians, Canadians just to mention a few.

It was tragic, horrible accidents like this are not pleasing to hear, and all we can pray for is the family they left behind. May God comfort them.

Something alarming also caught me regarding the Airplane. The Boeing 737 is a new airplane, and this is the second crash in few months recording about the airplane which is scary. I also read on twitter, a concerned passenger sent a mail to the Ethiopian airline about the concerns raised by pilots in the USA but there was no reply. The passenger also told the airline to investigate more about the plane before allowing it fly but there was never a reply (Customer Service representatives of Big nationals have to do more in this respect; that one mail could have changed everything if it was attended to and given priority). Alas we have lost so many to the tragic event.

The Chinese government however has swung into action and have grounded all Boeing 737 airline for now till proper investigations are carried out which is great development. I also heard (not confirmed) that the AIRPEACE have purchased a set of Boeings 737; It would be advisable for them to reconsider and make sure all checks are verified before making it commercially opened to all. The manufacturers need to come out and explain what is going on, the world deserves to know and find a solution to this and if nothing can be found, let all of it be returned and grounded permanently.

May God continually help us all. Have a great week and let us always remember to show love at the slightest opportunity we have. Many are going through a whole lot in life and cover it up with a frown while others just react negatively to people in their time of grief. Let love and light always lead.

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