Machester United: Miracle in Paris

Miracle in Paris…

Uefa Champions League…

You definitely know I was going to write about this. Did you ever doubt it, if you know me well then you know the Miracle in Paris could not pass me by without me writing about it. I saw a tag “The Devil’s Haven, the Saints Hell” that clearly described the match between Manchester United vs Paris Saint Germain. Did I ever believe we could qualify from this match when it was announced late last year when we where under Mourinho? It was a big NO! When Ole Solkjear took charge of United there was believe again, just maybe we could conquer but then those hopes where tarnished when PSG came to Old Trafford and defeated us 2-0. We probably all thought the return leg in Paris was a formality but Ole, he sounded positive even with the long list of injuries which forced him to take 8 academy graduates which included 6 teenagers. There was also no Pogba and it looked like just a dream we winning; not to talk of qualifying for the quarter final. But it did happen. United won 3-1 to go through on away goals rule. It was nothing like I have ever seen before. This was the old united back and it was amazing to watch.


From the critics who did not give Ole a chance and waited patiently for him to fail, calling his results flukes to turning a heavy defeat around against a big side like PSG is nothing short of genius and then it hit me. This is truly a miracle in Paris. Neymar’s reaction said it all. It should not be happening.

Marcus Rashford…

So, what did I learn from such a night as yesterday? Impossible is nothing. It is just a word, it exists till it is done. No matter the seemingly odds against you. You can actually overcome whatever may be thrown your way. It is never over till you either succeed or quit. Do not listen to the critics, naysayers and non-believers, focus on the task at hand and prove all of them wrong with your works, you do not owe them anything but success. As I write this, I just saw a quote “If Kimpembe had got sent off in the first leg, he wouldn’t have been there to give the penalty in the second” Sometimes things happen in our life, those events will later be the reason why we succeed in the future. Always see the bright side to every event and be thankful. Kimpembe is an example, need I say more. Finally, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. There is no limit to what you can achieve. I am in celebratory mode!

                 You are my Solkjaer, My Only Solkjaer

                 You keep me Happy when skies are grey

                 You never know just how much you do

                 Please don’t take my Solkjaer away…

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