Nigeria Decides: Gubernatorial Elections…

    Nigeria Decides: Gubernatorial Elections…

Hello everyone, hope your weekend went great. As we prepare for the gubernatorial elections come the 9th of March 2019 there are few advices, I would love to share with us.

  • You Governor will determine a whole lot on how your state will turn out to be and not totally the President of the country. We can say Lagos has worked to a certain aspect (Though Lagos can do more) but that is solely because the governors of the day decided to put in the work. We can see with Ambode the contrast in respect to Babatunde Raji Fashola. While Fashola made things work and brought orderliness, infrastructure and prosperity to Lagos, we cannot say that about Ambode who failed Lagos. We can also mention Peter Obi, his time as governor transformed Anambra state and he left the state way better than he met it. Let this inform you on your choice of Governor.
  • It is enough just choosing a Party, it is time we focus on the candidates being presented to us by the Party. Like I said in the first point it takes one man to transform things, not just his or her party. If you vote in integrity, competence, discipline and honesty you will easily see it shine through during the tenure of the said man.
  • Let us desist from voting just those from our area, instead let us vote competence. Let us not turn the election into a tribal war. It is not. The educated should be more ashamed of themselves spreading the propaganda on social media platforms. It is sad with all the education, many are still in chains regarding tribe. Like someone suggested religious and tribal tolerance should be introduced to schools.
  • Finally let us all stay safe. Vote and move to your home quietly, let the agents of the parties do their job. Do not brand yourself with one party or voice out against another. Move peaceably with all.
  • I believe this year will bring a change, I am hopeful. To be honest that is all we have after it is all said and done and our votes have been casted and results announced.

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