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                            CREED II

Before I start with the movie review I would like to wish my mum, my first love a happy birthday God bless you mum. I love you. Mwuah!!!

Creed II…

There are still a lot of movies in 2018 apparently that needs reviewing so I am just trying to round them up so we can go into the 2019 movies. A lot of movies I would have to leave out, but this one movie had to just make the cut regardless. Creed II had to make the cut and you will understand why just keep reading please.

So Adonis Creed had made it up the food chain of boxing, he was not the heavyweight champion of the world and life was good. Things where moving on well with Bianca and Rocky Balboa till the man that killed his father and his son show up. Ivan Drago showed up with his son and challenged Adonis for the title. Apparently not thinking with his head but his emotions Adonis took the fight against the wishes of his trainer Rocky. It was like Dejavu all over again and Drago junior almost killed Adonis in the ring. It ended badly but fortunately for Adonis he did not lose his Championship belt due to a disqualification on Drago. Adonis became a shadow of himself. Rocky tried to apologize but he was not hearing any of it. Bianca was pregnant and through the process Adonis still was distant from her. Rocky came back though, and the friendship was ignited once again. He also agreed to train Drago and face him in his hometown back in Russia. Only Balboa and successfully knocked down and ended Ivan’s career so he knew just what Adonis needed. After much training and working out the fight took place and it was amazing to watch. Words cannot begin to describe the action and emotion put into those scenes I must tell you. As expected, Adonis won but it was definitely a spectacle to behold.

My take on the movie. Creed 2 was intense, fast paced and entertaining. It brought out the joy, pain, frustration and endurance in the world of boxing. It also shows the amount of pain and burden it puts on family and loved ones. It was amazing though because this was one opponent that took Adonis to the limit and made him question everything he believed and why he went into boxing in the first place. It was a pure delight to watch believe me and you will take me later for it. Is there a PART 3 in the works? I do hope so and if I where to guess who the worthy opponent would be? I will go for the man that held the belt and only defeated him on judge’s decision but had to vacate the position because he was to serve time in prison. That was in Part 1. Now that would be one movie everyone would want to look out for. The undisputed King versus the King that was never defeated. They should sincerely pay me for this idea lol.

Creed II

I rate the movie a 4 star out of 5. You should watch it over the weekend, if you have not. It is amazing.

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