Nigeria Decides: The President has been decided.

Nigeria Decides: The President has been decided.

Finally, after a long and tedious road to our elections and its collation we finally have a winner. Yes, after three days from the polls the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as been announced. Mohammadu Buhari has retained his sit for the next four years and we will hope and pray these would be fruitful years for the country.

Was the election peaceful? Far from it. Was it free and fair? It was not, but that is why the Election tribunal was set up and most people will go there to air their grievances. Some might be overturned but I really doubt the presidency will be. So, what should we expect in the next four years?

First and foremost, let me state that the country before 2015 has been living and striving on Corruption money passed down and that is the honest truth. Right now, there is no room for so much of that money being passed around, hence the seemingly hardship in the country. It is time for those that will stay in the country to fashion new ways to make the economy work. We will need an economic team to really help the country get better if a very sound Minister of Finance is appointed this can happen. His appointments as Minister will determine a whole lot to be honest and show just where we are headed. Also, considering that the APC now has majority of the Senate and House of Rep we hope good laws are passed and they are done on time. The party have to get it right this time around in their appointment of the Senate President and the speaker so as to be in harmony in their policies. APC will be their own worst enemy if they do not get it right this time.

Now what to expect. It is either we get it right or we get it extremely wrong in the next four years and that will be dependent on his appointments to be honest. If he gets the appointments right especially the Ministers (more importantly the Finance Minister and Power which to me Fashola should continue in) then a slow and steady growth can actually happen. If he gets it wrong, then we are headed for more hardship as a nation.

We can only hope and pray; but with this election it is becoming increasingly important to note that people do not vote for parties anymore but candidates and 2023 will bring more shockers, scratch that, The Gubernatorial elections will surprise many to be honest and I hope to see those shockers. I will be very observant and the next few months will determine how the country will shape out. For now, my last post on Nigeria decides will be after the gubernatorial elections. Have a wonderful day and congratulations to Buhari, should Atiku call him? Oh well who am I to decide that for a grown man. But let us mend fences and move on from all these and pray for a better Nigeria.

P.S Happy Birthday brother of mine. God bless you much, your little bro loves you. I want ICECREEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!

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