NIGERIA DECIDES: Let us watch the Information we spread.

NIGERIA DECIDES: Let us watch the Information we spread.

As we all know Nigeria went to the polls on Saturday 23rd of February 2019 to elect their President, House of Representative and Senators. I have monitored the elections from Social media, news outlet and all. With all the information I have gathered the elections though not peaceful, we are thankful it held. Lives were lost, there were instances of vote buying, bullying and thuggery which I must strongly say was Unnecessary and I kick against. It was unfortunate to say the least and I am appalled at such scenes that where recorded across the nation. May God help us all. While the votes are currently being counted and some states announced. I need to state some things.

Firstly, let us not allow the politics of the day divide us. The elections will come and go but the harsh words, the actions melted out on people we have lived with for years all in the name of politics, for people that do not really care about us and after they have gotten our votes will forget we exist, is just wrong. We need to wake up and not allow people use tribe or religion to divide us and carry out their dastardly act. Let us not allow the wrongs of few people become the cross of a set of people. Some bad elements carried out an act does not speak for a whole set of people. Let us stop the hate speech against a tribe or another. Let us stop the propagandas, let us stop spreading the agenda of those that would rather see us fight and go up in flames than be in peace. Senegal also went to the polls and those in diaspora could vote. It is high time we embrace e-voting. It would stop so many unnecessary things we see today. If we can get BVN and Debit cards right in Nigeria. E-cards for voting should not be that difficult to be honest.

I am particularly proud of Bankole Wellington aka BankyW in less than three months he did the unthinkable and challenged the big wings and he could actually win it. He is not with APC or PDP, but a relatively new party and he could win it. Let this inspire the youths of Nigeria that it is possible, but we must put in the work. I am also going to be on the look out for what the young politicians will do for their constituency. It is one thing to be put there to represent the people it is another thing to actually do the work. I will be following the likes of BankyW (if he wins), Shina Pellar and Akin Alabi to mention a few. I hope they do not end up commissioning toilets and Keke Napeps and call it community projects like a famous Actor which I was respected did.

We are One Nigeria, a nation blessed by God and I know this nation will get better. This election will open our eyes to many things and there would be surprises along the way also. When the results are finally announced by INEC I will give my summation on what I feel the next four years will hold for us as a nation.

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