Postponed Elections…

                                                 Postponed Elections…

Nigeria, I hail, My country everly disappointing us on a steady. Nigeria everly embarrassing its citizen amongst the community of nations. I sit down sometimes and wonder why we cannot get things right. It is painful that a whole commission like INEC cannot get something as simple as planning an election right which they had four years to plan for. It is normal society the chairman should tender his resignation having failed the people. But alas Nigeria is not a normal society now is it? What is so painful is that the announcement was made on the day of the election at 3am, after people had travelled, after many had closed their businesses, after the economy had lost millions to shut down and vote for democracy. It is so sad it had to come to this.

Many have blamed the presidency, but we should know better that the commission is an Independent one and acts autonomously from the Government of the day. The Government in power already provided the funds they needed so their incompetence is theirs and theirs alone. On this one I would be objective and not blame the government of the day. The said President was even in his home town ready to vote when he heard the news.

I am sad it had to come to this, but I would not carry a message of gloom and doom. There is hope even at all the embarrassment. We cannot give up now. We will pick ourselves up again, inconvenience ourselves if we must and fight the good fight. Because once we have voted, we have decided for the next four years of our lives. Not everyone can live above the happenings of the economy or pick up our passport today and decide we want to travel the next day. Not many have that luxury. So, it is time to make sure we do what is right by ourselves and our posterity. You know who I would vote for, Fela Durotoye but your vote and who you decide to vote for is your choice and yours alone. Make it count.

I believe Nigeria will be great again. It has to. Have a wonderful week.

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