NIGERIA DECIDES: May the worse man lose

NIGERIA DECIDES: May the worse man lose

Two days to the General elections in Nigeria and to be honest I am tensed. Tensed for the youths of Nigeria, tensed for her future, tensed for the peace and progress of Nigeria, tensed for the development of her. The largest youth-population in Africa will decide between two old men states a report from a worldwide news agency. If I am to be realistic then the elections in Nigeria are truly between the ruling party APC who have done terribly and the opposition who had 16years in the past and plunged Nigeria into a dark place even with the oil boom and many have argued it is a change party and I laugh because the same old recycled men are still running the party. So, with this realistic fact we are cut between the deep blue sea and a hard place. Sigh but I sit down, and wonder is it that our minds are so mentally imprisoned that we feel we have to keep going back to these slave masters? There are other new, upright people that can actually do the work, why are we not exploring those options? Many scream inexperience but did these men now in power not climb up to leadership, inexperienced themselves? This and more questions I have but they would not matter now because it is two days to the elections those that are going to vote have made up their minds already. I can only hope, pray and carry out my civic duty. I hope everyone searches their soul and do things not for the temporary gain or the defeatist mindset that I would rather vote two evils because voting a new face is waste of vote. I really hope Nigeria goes back to the glory days when we could compete with the rest of the world, education wise, sports wise, infrastructure wise just to mention a few. I hope those that would get there for once would consider the people and not just their pocket and do what is right though hard, not what is easy. Can Nigeria truly be great again? What is life without hope. Yes, it can, and I will keep hoping for a better future even if it seems blink. May God help us all.

This time Monday we would most likely have known who will be leading us for the next four years. Be wise Nigerians this is the only time in four years we have the power to change our own destiny. Get out there and vote! Be the change you seek! May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. May God bless us all.

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