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Restitution is Out!!!


It has been a long journey to get to this point and I must say I am thankful to God. From a young boy who had big dreams to write, to all the Queen premier I had to read growing up; not just read but write it out countless time to get to this point. My first Novel was published last year THE CLAN: REVELATION both the hardcopy and the e-copy and just before the end of 2018. I got inspired one night while I was trying to sleep, and I quickly got up and scrambled the idea down which gave birth to this Novella RESTITUTION. It was intended to be just for the blog (You can find it here ) but the more I wrote the more I saw the bigger picture and now having finished writing it. I feel the public would be interested in enjoying this creative work of art.

Restitution is about a couple that faced a dangerous path right from the first day of their marriage. It is a journey with twist and turns, heart breaks and tears. A journey that tests the faith of the couple and stretch them to the limit. Would Chidi ever be able to forgive? Would Shade be able to maintain the home considering all she has been through and not withstanding still playing the peacemaker. Is there any chance for them? Is there a God that listens to prayer and if He does, does He even answer? This and much more you will find in this Novella. Restitution! It would keep you asking questions while you follow the journey of this couple into the seemingly unknown, you would pray with them, root for them, hope they would scale through. But this is one story that does not end the way you would expect. Kindly find the link.

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