News February 19

Prof. Osinbajo/Tenant trouble/Elections

It shouldn’t be much news again that the Vice President of Nigeria was involved in an accident involving the Helicopter he flew in to Kogi. The Helicopter crash landed but no one was hurt and the Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo continued with the campaign that took him to the state. I am thankful he is okay and all the flight crew because it would have been tragic to lose one of our bright minds in this country.

Also, I was going through Twitter and read up the story about a tenant that refused to pay his Electricity bill, considering there was no prepaid meter and everyone had to split the bill, it got both the co-tenants and Landlord angry who gave him quick notice which is a mandatory six month before the expiry date of his rent. But instead the said tenant did not leave. He should have left in July 2018 but as at January 2019 he still had not left the house, paid any rent or paid the Electricity bill. The Landlord finally decided to change the locks and since “obviously” he did not pay for the key he was not given one. Guess what? The dude had the audacity to get his own padlock and lock everyone outside.

So, I have been cracked up since I read the story. Tell me this though what would you do if you where the Landlord or if you where the co-tenant who was locked out.

P.S Remember not to sell your vote regardless of what you are offered. The future of you and your children is much more important than the temporary gain trust me. We have so much to lose if we get it wrong in this election. May God bless Nigeria.

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