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Before I actually watched this movie, I was skeptical with the reports I had heard but being true with myself I decided to clear my mind off public opinion and watch the movie as objectively as possible. Without further ado lets get down to business.

Chief Daddy is this wealthy old man that is a sharp shooter (I will explain that later). He collapsed and died, and his chauffeur and house help found him dead. They contacted the family member who gathered together to mourn him, but when the family lawyer was going to read the will and summoned everybody. They where all in for a shocker. Chief Daddy not only had one concubine but several with children from all over. This turned the meeting on its head and the place turned chaotic but Chief daddy’s last words before the will was read was for all of them to cooperate with specific instruction everyone was going to play during the burial before the will was read and if they failed to cooperate the will would never be opened. This halted most of them from tearing themselves apart because of their interest in the wealth of Chief Daddy and wanted their share of it. There was also instruction that everyone stayed in the house while preparation for the burial happened. There were arguments here and there and everyone trying to impose themselves, but no one left because of the instruction by Chief daddy. It was a consensus that everyone was going to pad (add to the actual price) the budgets they gave for their different roles. On the day of the burial things went south quickly but the next day everyone found a way to sober up. The Lawyer Tega Castle invited everyone back in and read the will (Go and watch the remaining I have said so much already lol).

My review of the movie. With the array of stars, the movie did not disappoint, and it was not clumsy. From Bisola, to Joke Silva, Nkem Owoh, Falz, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw, MI, Ini Edo just to mention a few. It was fantastic, entertaining and funny to be honest. I laughed hard and I was glad I watched it. Falz maintained his accent through out the movie and the song was interestingly funny. Joke Silva was on point as usual. Racheal Oniga, Funke Akindele and Kate Henshaw did not fail us in their roles, big ups to Kate for going all Yoruba on us. The storyline was entertaining, and the twists and turns was not bad at all. The Aso ebi scene where everyone dressed differently reminded me of Black Panther lol. It was colorful and the love scenes in between without derailing from the real story was just perfect. The suspense at the end with another woman also would leave everyone anticipating for a sequel (ooops I have spoken too much already).

I will rate it a 4 star out of 5… It did great to me, let me know your thoughts though.

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