The News Jan 19


We kick-off from the Australian Open and It was mixed feeling in the women section to be honest. After hoping Serena would be able to make it her 23rd Grand slam, she dramatically fell short after being in a commanding lead to win the match against Pliskova who Naomi Osaka beat in the semi-finals. That defeat would be a hard one to chew to be honest for both Serena and we are fans. The questions silently asked after Naomi Osaka not only won back to back Grand slam but also becoming the youngest number one is this; Does Serena still have what it takes to be at the top of the world? Can she even make it 23 Grand slams with the emergence of Naomi Osaka? To be honest everyone was looking forward to the rematch of Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams which never happened, but we can be rest assured in the not so distant future the match will be served to us.

The questions go on; Is Serena in decline or can she make a comeback and shock the world? I am of the school of thought for the latter. I believe the Queen still owns her throne and she will not be dethroned just yet. She still has it in her to do a 23rd and 24th Grand slam. I believe in Serena and though Naomi Osaka is winning me over and who knows dethrone Serena one day and maybe surpass her number of Grand slams even. For now Serena is it for me.

Novak Djokovic it seems a year ago had lost his way and probably was declining but the man is back, and all fired up defeating Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Australian Open to win the first Grand slam of the year. He also surpassed Federer and Nadal in the number of Australian Open wins. That was his 7th and he said he is being motivated by Roger Federer’s record of Grand Slam which is very much within his sight to break.


The highlight definitely will be the defeat of Arsenal at home to Manchester United. Ole Gunner Solkjaer has made it 8 wins in all competition and he is making light work of teams to be honest. If he continues who knows he could go far in the Champions league and let us not forget with the free fall of Hotspur without Kane, Alli and Son. There is a big shout for Top4. Westham also where knocked out, Newcastle and Everton to mention a few. We await the draws for the 5th round.


It is no longer news that Buhari-led administration has suspended Onnoghen one of the Chief Judges and also in a quick move appointed Tanko. This has been met with an uproar for those for and against the decision but to be honest I am tired of all the hullabaloo currently going on in the economy to be honest. The election is few weeks away and I just want the best for the country is all I ask for to be honest. May we have a country we can truly call home. Let us just put in mind. What is wrong is wrong. Let us also follow the rule of law and not let selfish interest rule us. Please vote for persons that will make the country truly sovereign and not people that will only want their selfish interest to reign supreme.

Let us all have a wonderful day and week and remember together, United we can do the impossible.

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