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BUMBLE BEE Movie Poster…

It is official I might actually be getting tired (I am tired joor) of the movie TRANSFORMER but one character that always stood out for me is (errrr it is definitely not Optimus Prime with his deep voice, sounding like a Nigerian elderly man giving us a proverb that does not relate to the scheme of things lol Scratch that) Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee has melted my heart and I am sure many also can testify to this. He is the yellow little guy that lost his voice and had to be installed with a radio player to speak through the different radio personality voices or the song being played. So, with Hollywood being who they are and giving the fans what they want due to popular demand and emotions while also having an eye for numbers and cashing out. They decided to do a solo movie of Bumble Bee and here is the summary.

So, the Decepticons where attacking the Autobot resistance and they had to retreat, so Optimus Prime had to send Bumble Bee to earth so everyone can converge there and fight the Decepticons. Bumble Bee landed on earth but was found by one of the Decepticons who attacked him, while he was trying to run away from the military personnels trying to take down this alien. The Decepticon did serious damage to Bumble Bee and destroyed his voice box before Bumble Bee managed to destroy the Decepticon and losing consciousness and all the memory he had stored. But before going unconscious he saw a yellow Beetle and quickly turned into it. Fast forward to Charlie a young lady that recently lost her father and was going to turn 18 soon wanted a car for her birthday but her mother was not having it. She found the yellow beetle and worked on it till it started and later transformed to Bumble bee. They built a bond and got close, but the Decepticons intercepted his signal and went straight to earth to find Bumble Bee. Unknown to the humans the Decepticons lied to them about working with them to flush out an evil machine called Bumblebee and in return they would share their knowledge. Bumble Bee was found and the race against time and the Decepticon from sending a signal to their army so they would not come and destroy earth, started. By the way John Cena did a good job to be honest. (You know me I never give out all the juicy details lol).

Over to my thoughts on the movie. It was different and refreshing considering Transformers had started to lose its groove. This brought emotions to it and a face loved by most. It was not all that but for an almost two-hour movie it did not do too bad to be honest. Bumble Bee showing Charlie how to love again after losing her father is cliché but eeh it is a movie what can we say, it still sells and I particularly enjoyed when he changed to a Camaro and Charlie went all surprised, “you can do that? Why didn’t you do that all this while”. I will rate it a 3 out of 5 and this is me being nice today. As I listen to the song played in the movie “Don’t you forget about me………As I walk on by, will you call my name” which other movie had that song in it?  Scroll down if you don’t know…


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