Short Stories

The Joy of Expecting…

The Joy of Expecting…

Baby shoes…

This particular night, my dog needed a medication the Vet told me the name of the drug is dexa something…. Wait let me go check the name again……… Oh! Got it DEXAMETHASONE (but sincerely why does the medical profession name drugs so annoyingly frightening though? What happened to the kind of names Adam gave every fruit in the garden of Eden? Is it that hard to just call it Dexa or Soneboy would that not even make the drug less frightening for man and dog lol) . Anyways back to the story; So, I went to get this drug for man’s best friend; his name is Teddy by the way. I got to the pharmacy and immediately I stepped in a young lady stepped in. She was accompanied by her husband; how did I know? They had wedding bands on. It was shining and exquisite. They also held hands and looked so goofy in love. (Truly Love is a beautiful thing. The heart will just be turnioniown ) .

So being the gentleman I am (oh yes, argue with your keypads lol) I allowed them go in first and waited just behind them. The woman asked the pharmacist for a pregnancy kit and that is when I saw the quick glance, she gave her husband and the blush they both shared. It was beautiful. She looked at the Pharmacist, who also smiled at the lady and gave her this knowing look. It seemed they shared a connection that no matter how much I tried I could never share or understand but I could only imagine, and it brought a smile on my face.

The Pharmacist asked, “Your first time” and she nodded with a smile on her face. It was the most amazing thing to watch. The husband also had a smile planted on his face. So many things ran through my mind at that brief instance and I would love to share with everyone.

The beautiful miracle of a woman conceiving and carrying another life for 9months is nothing short of amazing. The labor pains that is not comprehendible to any pain imaginable and the joy immediately after. The bond shared and the care, love, time and effort put into raising the child for years by the parents is a sacrificial love so sweet, so amazing, so patient, so intriguing. I wish that couple the best and I know regardless of the result positive or negative. It is a positive step for them. The love in those eyes would definitely transmit to that child if he or she has been conceived.

I hope that couple get to find the two lines and I hope they get to feel the Joy of those expecting. And for those that have been waiting to hear the good news I hope this is your year also. Let me head back to Teddy who needs to take his Dexa……. (You can finish it for the Vets while I edit this piece hian) .

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  1. Beautifully written……i can only but imagine the joy and excitement of the couple and I smiled reading through.

    Oh! the wonder and excitement of carrying a whole being in the inside of you!
    I can’t wait!


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