The Presidential Debate

         The Presidential Debate

The Candidates…

I looked forward to the presidential debate like my birthday and it did not fail to disappoint with all the drama that accompanied it. Apparently, it was not for good and it is sad that a great nation like Nigeria had to undergo such a drama it did on Saturday 19th of January 2019.

First and foremost, the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria was absent. The president, Buhari and his entourage knew fully well that this debate was going to hold well in advance on the set date but instead preferred to opt out  and did his own supposed debate during the week, where he was pitched against himself and questions that he did not have prior knowledge of (supposedly) where asked to him, and he still did woefully answering the questions.

Fast forward to the main day. Atiku arrived at the building and I thought just maybe for once he will do justice to what he has for Nigerians but how I was rudely brought back to reality when he decided to opt out sighting Buhari’s no show as the reason he would not be participating in the election. It is sad that a presidential candidate that wants to serve his people had no regards for the people that he wants to lead but instead would not debate because of the incumbent did not show, this was the same man that did not sign the accord of a peaceful election few months back. It also showed disrespect and disregard for the other candidates that came to debate in Oby Ezekwesili, Fela Durotoye and Kingsley Moghalu.

Away from the shameful display of the APC and PDP candidates, the candidates of the ACPN, ANN and YPP gave a great account of themselves. They showed intellect and visionary ideas that would elevate the state of the nation if they are voted in. Watching them gave me up and also pierced my heart because in Nigeria we have this set of beautiful minds with great intentions but many including the so called educated would rather vote in those that have successfully recycled our government and plummeted us further down into poverty. Those that concluded in their minds that our votes are being wasted by voting these intellects and would rather vote those that do not mean well for our country or have not even done anything to grow the country. It is a shame that Nigerians are contented with the mess we are in instead of voting a better future.

I hope this message wakes up ONE PERSON, even if it is just one, I will be contented. We can have a different government, a better nation. We do not need to settle for the current mess we are in and call it the norm. Let us wakeup and drive all these so-called experience politicians with no idea or motivation to lead us aright, away. Our votes can do that, your vote can make a DIFFERENCE. Together we can. Please vote for your children’s future even if yours is not worth anything. Let us secure the nation’s future.

Timi Dakolo’s song says it all. “We believe in this nation and we know will get there. Here we are as a people with one voice with one song………We are all we have, we defend our land” … May God bless Nigeria.

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