The Arm Forces Remembrance Day was celebrated Yesterday but it would not stop me from writing about the gallant men and women that have put their body in the line so that Nigeria can retain its sovereignty. It has been trying times for the Military in Nigeria to be honest with the Boko Haram insurgence that has claimed so many lives, the civil unrest that the Police have not had the might to control so the Military men have had to do the jobs of the Police to the suicide bombers to mention a few.

To be honest I have seen men that have gone to never return to their families or men that where almost at the verge of retiring also being taken away by these militants they fight. With their family having to bear the loss of their heroics.

This post no matter how short is to celebrate them, to remember them and to honor them. This post is to thank them, to sing of their praises and to encourage them. This post is to let them know they are being appreciated and their labor towards keeping the peace in Nigeria would never be in vain. Though Politicians have tried to politicize the Military, though they might not be fully funded or equipped, they still wax strong and win significant victories against those that seek to bring down this nation.

Some day may all your labor be rewarded. To those that have given their lives and daily give their lives we love you all.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. God bless it’s Army!!!

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