Justice Onoghen: What is wrong is wrong

JIt is with heavy heart I have observed the trend about the declaration of asset by a Chief Justice of a country’s Supreme Court. By the way it is Nigeria I speak of, I am sure you already knew that.

Let me start by saying that even if the Government had, not so good intentions or the timing of the petition questionable or even the background of the petitioner might be put into question. Should the Chief Justice of Nigeria’s Supreme Court have a skeleton in His cupboard knowing fully well what the law says about it? Should he have failed to declare all his asset has the law said he should?

It is sad some are adding sentiments to it and calling on the timing and I ask myself how do we want Nigeria to work if we do not even follow the rule of law? I only have one question is the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) guilty or not? I have said it here whatever the Government is doing or not doing if a man’s hands are clean then there would be nothing to hold against him or her. Before you enter office declare your asset (all of it) Onoghen feigned ignorance. In Law ignorance is not an excuse to breaking the law. As someone put it. We should not condone things that are wrong to prove a point my humble summation. He has come out to say he forgot to declare his asset and admitted to the charges so why are people crying wolf? If we truly want Nigeria to be great it is time to remove sentiments, tribe, religious and party bias and do what is right. It hurts me that even those that are supposedly educated are the ones that are shouting and screaming. Let the man face his charges and if he is found guilty step down. Infact once the allegations were called out he should have stepped down immediately just like I called out for the then Minister of Finance. That is the respectable thing to do. What is wrong is wrong. May God help us in Nigeria.

Andy Murray faces Retirement

Andy Murray has come out to say he might actually retire after the Australian open. The Tennis star made this assertion after a test match with Novac Djokovic. it is so sad that he would have to go out due to hip injury that causes him pain every time he plays. He was in tears when he broke the news and though he forsees Wembley has his last tournament it could come before that. Our hearts her with Andy.

I am rooting for Serena Williams though to win the Aussie Open and break the record of highest number of Grand slam wins. Would her nerves allow her? We will be watching, hoping and waiting for it.

Dino Melaye vs The Police

It is no longer news that Dino Melaye and the Police have been in the news now. While Dino is declaring he is unfit to stand trial, the Police have certified him fit to stand trial for the possession of illegal firearm. I may not know the true nature of the man. But I feel his best option is to stand before a Judge and an independent Doctor comes to do a checkup of his health and testify if he is truly able to stand trial. Dino Melaye also should just stand trial if he is truly innocent and get this out of the way. It is embarrassing to say the least for a nation has ours.

Trump and the Famous Wall

Donald Trump is not backing down from building the wall that would stop immigrants from Mexico from getting into United states even though the House is resisting the moves and a strike has ensued. For the first time that I can remember, there is actually a strike in the United States. In my opinion the idea of the wall is a worthless idea that in no way would help America’s economy so why waste billions of dollars in building such a thing. His priorities are misplaced to say the least. If only Americans voted rightly or maybe, we should believe that Russia rigged the elections? Only time will tell Sooner rather than later.

P.S You have the power to be whatever you decide to be. It is all in your Mind.

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