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A Nigerian movie shown by Netflix is a big deal. Oh yes when it was announced it would be showing on Netflix I was overjoyed at the achievement a movie made in Nigeria for Nigeria could achieve and it was no coincidence Netflix saw it because I also saw it. Without further ado let us go into the Movie.

Genevieve Nnaji, Pete Edochie and Nkem Owoh

A Movie which had Pete Edochie, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Onyeka Onwenu, Phyno, MR. P (Peter Okoye), Jemima Osunde, Nkem Owoh and the Delectable and amazing Genevieve nothing short of amazing was expected and amazing we got considering Genevieve also wrote the movie.

The movie was totally different considering it was a South Eastern Movie and shot away in the East not in Lagos as is usually the case caught my attention. The movie is about a transport Company owned by Pete Edochie but run by his daughter Genevieve. They had the dream of making sure this indigenous company got the contract to run BRT buses in Enugu Mr Obiagu collected loans to get fleet of buses for the contract before he fell ill and appointed his brother Godswill played by the funny Nkem Owoh and Genevieve to run the company in his absence. Unfortunately, they both found out they had 30days to get the loan repaid or the company would be taken over, they had to come up with a plan to savage the company. With time running out, their fiercest rival in Igwe Pascal (Kanayo. O. Kanayo. Our very own Supervillain) trying to buy the company over they had to come up with a plan to savage the company.

I am tempted to summarize the whole movie, but I promised myself I would not so that those that have not made up their mind to watch it would go ahead and do so and would not have to deal with my spoiler. Lol

Genevieve and Jemima Osunde

So, my thoughts regarding the movie then; First and foremost, the lighting, audio, cinematography, continuity was splendid to say the least. Everything felt crisp and proper. If I could compare it to a type of food, you definitely know it is the REAL Nigerian Jollof lol. The promotion of our indigenous language was also something I truly enjoyed in the movie. Especially at the dining table with all the family member there. I probably did not understand a word spoken on that table, but I honestly felt like a member of the family just watching it. It felt really like home. The angle of the camera also was perfect. Just a line of English was spoken on that table and it was by Genevieve when she said, “Leave me out of this biko”. Also, an Indigenous motor company was used in INNOSON Motors which means a whole lot to me that our indigenous company are being promoted in the movie. In as much as the movie showed the great side of the state, they did not fail to show the true state of things also. Like in the Prisons with the right cell and Police uniform. The Car park where people enter cars to travel was a major plus. The only person I probably did not believe his acting enough was Peter Okoye, but you cannot blame the man, he is a musician and not an actor after all. Also, another part I noticed a glitch was when Genevieve’s uncle asked her who Igwe Pascal was and she said she did not know who he was and what he wanted, but fast forward to that same day she was describing who he was and why he wanted to buy out the company. She should know who their competition is and if she did not honestly know, then she cannot just know few hours later without showing us how she knew. Also, how board meetings are called and how cooperate law is being run, a thorough research was not done in this respect we can forgive them though for that part.

The swap of clothing in the Prison was another major master stroke that I really gave a thumbs up to and showing the beautiful city of Kano from the air, made my hour watching the movie worth it. My best quote of the movie was from Abigail to her daughter Adaeze played by Genevieve “God does not give us a situation that he has not equipped us for”. So true if you ask me. Also, Ernest Obiagu’s (Pete Edochie) line to his daughter Adaeze “You are the pendulum of my life, if you stop swinging then I’m done”. They also promoted the saying “boy or girl, who the cap fits let him wear it”. Which should be our motto in Africa. Phyno should be singing and not miming to his own song though just the same way Peter was singing a Psquare song. It should not be that hard. Also, the Inter tribe relationship that was brewing was amazing. More of that should be encouraged. We are Nigerians afterall.

Phyno and Genevieve

All in all, it is worth the hype. What a way to start the year if you ask me. I will rate it a FOUR STAR out of FIVE, yes that is how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. Go to the cinemas and watch LIONHEART. If you do have NETFLIX you can also catch it there. You will not regret you did believe me.

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