Sterling: The Rising Sun…

So, Sterling Bank is in the news again but for a good reason this time, nothing controversial like the BANK WAR we had in 2018. To be honest that publicity sort of stood them in a good stead and riding on that good vibes they have hit with a bang. So according to the advert, they aimed for the moon and made stars and now they are gunning for the SUN. Hence, the change of logo from the moon slice to just a white dot in a big red circle representing the sun and earth.

At first glance the sort of reminds me of GTBank logo but it’s is a big square with a small square on the inside. But a staff of Sterling vehemently came to the defense of the bank calling it the RISING SUN. Sounds good with the meaning that is.

On a more serious note though Sterling in the past few months have been making great changes to the way customers perceive them. First it was the advert, then the new app which they launched which actually is a good improvement to the old app. You can get your statement on the app, you can buy tickets for events like the numerous ones we had in December and finally you can make a standing order to make payment for your TV subscription or monthly allowance for your spouse or kids. Amazing right? Yes, it is, and this is just to mention a few. Though GTBank started the innovation. I have tried to ask around from people I know what could have prompted these changes and it is not far-fetched. The New MD/CEO Mr. Abubakar Suleiman has brought in new innovative ideas that has taken the bank to a new level in a short time and he also seems to be following the trend of the modern day and implementing some of this to the Bank, so the bank is not left behind when it comes to technological advancement. I can categorically say with these moves Sterling Bank might just be rubbing shoulders with the big boys in the Banking Industry.

The Sterling academy also is another Initiative that needs mentioning and one that would produce bright minds for the Bank. One of the key ingredients that got Access Bank to where it is today. Let us keep a close eye on Sterling Bank they might actually be raising phoenixes with this move. One last thing though, they should change the logo on the new app. The old one is still there though. RISING SUN!

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  1. You did Justice to this.

    There are new feautures coming soon to the application.

    Sit back and wait.

    We are taking over the banking system soon.



  2. I will also like to see that this new charge and this wise look of sterling bank is not given problem to DSE cabal platform , just take a look at it , people are saying something around that cabal . thanks


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