Nigeria Decides: A Month left

It is a month left to Election year in Nigeria and everyone is getting set for one election that would go down in history books; either for good or bad it is up to its electorate to vote. Many have given up on Nigeria and you cannot blame them it seems our economy is regressing by the day with no hope in sight. You cannot totally blame the government alone because all institution in Nigeria seem to have failed its people and to be honest it is people like you and I that lead those institutions. Everyone is of the believe what can Nigeria do for me and me alone. Everyone seems to what a piece of the National cake forgetting posterity or his fellow man. People no longer look at what would profit my environment or state or country rather what would profit my family and I is the name of the game. And if we look deeply on why people are voting one person or the other into office selfishness would not be far away from it. Till we learn to be selfless in our decisions we will not go far as a country, that is not a curse but the absolute truth. Till those in positions to help others stop treating his or her fellow Nigerians as trash hereby allowing foreigners to treat us as trash we will no go far in Nigeria. Till our Labor stop fighting only minimum wages alone and start fighting unlawful extra hours by employers of labor hereby exploiting people we are not ready. Till we stop voting a man who owns a large share in a generator company into power and think he will find solution to our power problem we are joking. Till our health sector provides adequate access to health facilities and we have fully equipped hospitals in every local government we are not ready to develop. Till we hold our local government chairman accountable, the councilors accountable and even those senators that have been there since 1999 and their constituency has seen no change at all, we are kidding. Till our institutions can self-run itself and implement good laws that even the president cannot just veto and would send corrupt leaders and heads to jail we probably are not ready yet. But to start all this we also need a change at the Top. The saying one man can change the world is true and is possible. It is one month to election year can we end the rotation of those that have put us to rot and try something different for once.

Enough of the Buhari, enough of the Atiku. Enough of APC or PDP. Enough of the shameless clowns that boo the office of the President one day and dramatize on the floor the next when the police come for questioning, enough of the Governors that think they deserve a car after not serving the people and squandering up tax payers money. Let us focus on a young, vibrant, intelligent servant leader whose only gain is to see Nigeria great again. If you all know me you will know that I have campaigned for Fela Durotoye at every chance I have gotten, why? Because I am done with the old. Because if you put new wine in old wine skin it would burst. So, it is with Buhari and Atiku they represent the old wine skin, their parties represent everything that has been wrong in Nigeria since we had democracy back in 1999. We need new wine skin for the new wine to hold sway. Vote wisely, let us make our country great again. Let us make our educational sector vibrant again with the new technology on offer, let us make our health sector one of the best in the world. Let us make Power work and all our refineries serve us with the oil God has blessed us. I still believe in Nigeria though it gets harder by the day. You will not loose anything voting a Fela, it cannot be as worse as it is already trust me. So why don’t you give a chance to the young and vibrant ones and let your Posterity thank you for the chance. 2019 let us change our mindset. May God help us all and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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