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I had so much hope for this movie, considering it was a Netflix movie and the hype around the movie was pulsating to say the least. So, I looked forward to watching it, the fact Sandra Bullocks was also playing a role just made it even more mouthwatering and when I got my hands on the movie, I was ready to be blown away. First the summary of the movie.

An epidemic fell on the whole earth and once someone saw this mysterious force, they killed their selves. The survivors had to avoid seeing it face to face because the mysterious force took the form of their worst nightmare. So, while the survivors tried avoiding this mysterious force to avoid death. Those that where mentally unstable became sort of sanely murderous (if there is any word like that). They wanted everyone to see the mysterious force because it some what made them see the light.

The Survivors had to battle both the mysterious force and the servant of the mysterious force (mentally unstable humans). Sandra Bullocks happened to be one of the survivors. Pregnant and with no hope she strived to survive. In the beginning she did not want the child but soon afterwards she looked forward to the birth of the child and her motherly instinct to protect the child was kicked in. A fellow survivor also was pregnant and after giving birth was killed by one of the mad men who found his way to the hideout of the survivors. Tasked with protecting two infants and her fellow survivor and lover. She went on existing and avoiding the mysterious force. Till a radio call out for a haven was heard and her lover had to sacrifice it all for her and the little children. What did she do after being skeptical about the so-called haven? You can watch the movie. I will not ruin it all for you lol.

My review. It was so long, and it became tiring after a while. The fact a cure or the mysterious thing was not even explained made it irritating, to say the least. The storyline could have been written better and it ended abruptly after being dragged for so long. The acting was believable especially by the children. Some part of the story though downright unbelievable and irrelevant. Why would someone want to steal a car and go out when the thing killing people was outside and it was not safe?.

I would rate the movie a one star out of five, because of the hype about the movie and how it just unfolded and flopped massively.

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