Vice Presidential Debate

Over the weekend the Vice-presidential candidates of five parties went on air to defend their Presidential candidates for the forth coming Nigerian elections in 2019. Notable among those present was Peter Obi of the PDP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo the current Vice President and Vice-Presidential candidate of the APC, the ANN Vice-presidential candidate Khadija Abdullahi amongst others. It was explosive, revealing and interactive and I will list some few points I learnt during the debate.

First and foremost, many of the candidates really do not know much about our darling country and it’s economy which is sad. It is one thing for one to be a very good and compelling orator it is another for you to be armed with facts something Peter Obi and the other candidates did not have which is sad if these people intend to lead us. I think they should get a team that would do this work for them properly and they also go through the report judiciously so as not to look like liars when they speak.

The women in the ring also did not do justice to their parties in the debate, I would put it down on stage fright. They sounded unconvincing and unsure about their points and one of the candidates even went as far as saying if her boss is elected, he would make great foreign policies for the country, she never mentioned one of those so called great foreign policy which showed a lack of knowledge of what her party stands for or what her presidential aspirant h as for Nigeria. TheVice-presidential candidate also of the ANN had to read the closing remarks,com’on in 2018 with well in advance notice about the debate she should have known all these points by heart.

Finally, the debate went down from a five-party debate to a two man show between Osinbajo and Obi, which was explosive the back and forth, the exposé, the oration and the points and counterpoints. It shows we have two very intelligent vice-presidential candidates who should be leading this country but alas they would just be assisting, assisting Presidential candidates that to me do not deserve to be running for president if you ask me.

We await the Presidential debate in January let us see if our President will show for it or will get busy with other things. By the way Happy birthday Muhammadu Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


It was disheartening watching the video of the Market March that happened in Yaba and the replies of the men that sell in that area. I happened to go to the University of Lagos back in the days and I have seen for myself how these men behave towards women and I have even had to shout on some. It is so distasteful to see them touch women and harass them which is so appalling to the eyes. At this age and time and this is still going on in a supposed civilized country is just so wrong and the painful part is even at a protest against such act they still decided to harass the ladies, still abuse them and call them such dastardly names. The Government of the state really needs to do something about such vile set of men that give good men a bad name and also make sure those laws are implemented not just by the word of mouth. Watching the video made me realize we still have a long way to go but we all have a role to play to teach the upcoming generation. May God help us all.

Access Bank acquires Diamond Bank

News coming in states that Access bank has acquired Diamond bank. Though we still await CBN to make it official but to be honest I would not see it much as a surprise considering Diamond bank has not been really out there in our faces and they have not grown as much as you would expect. This also means Access bank is truly becoming a real player among the top dogs. Let us see how it plays out and were it leaves Access bank after this take over.

P.S Let no person determine your happiness, only you have the right to your own happiness. Focus only on positive energy while also taking to constructive criticism and good correction. Have a wonderful day and week. Remember to SMILE…

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