Kevin Hart…

It was with Joy I heard the news on Kevin Harts page that he would be hosting the Oscars, he said that it had been a life long dream to host the Oscars and his dream was finally coming true, so you can imagine the hurt I felt when he announced he would be passing the offer to host it and the reason, wait for it… Because of a tweet he made about his son not wanting him to become gay years back and the LGBT community taking it personal.

This ANGERED me,and I will state here categorically that every man is entitled to his view as long as it is not causing any harm to the next person. Let me categorically state here I believe strongly that Gay and Lesbianism is wrong. We were not created or wired that way. Our environment made us such. My believe is mine but does not mean I will hate a man or woman that is into it. Instead I will show them love while standing up to my believes and teaching my kids why it is wrong without them hating anyone. This community go on about people accepting them for who they are but forget one critical point. Not everyone can be like you and not everyone will be like you, but they must learn to accommodate people also that do not accept their believes. Because when they take offense when someone does not agree with their views, it just makes them hypocrites. To me this is totally unfair and uncalled for, to deny a man his dream just because of a tweet which he has even explained overtime is just wrong and I also want to give the stick to the committee of the OSCAR for not showing enough maturity to carry out their own research and checking his reply to that tweet years back.

We all CANNOT have and WILL NOT have the same views, religion or Culture in life as Humans, but we should learn to respect people’s views and also respect how they want to use it as long as it is not harming anyone or causing hate. All those Trolls going out of their way to look out for such tweets have bad energy and the plan was not of good. I also saw my darling club Manchester United support the community with the rainbow armband and all. If I was the club captain, I would have politely declined wearing it not because I hate the people like I have stated earlier but because I believe the views are wrong. We can be better, we should do better as humans. There is a reason why plants, animals and even humans are made male and female.

My heart goes out to Kevin Hart. You are a better man for stepping down and not giving in to such trolls. You are a better person and my Hero for the week. God bless you Hart.

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