December News ’18

The News…

Falcons win Nations Cup…

Super Falcons of Nigeria

The Super Falcons of Nigeria beat the Bayana Bayana of South Africa on Penalties to clinch their 9th Nations cup trophy. The Tournament was not so favorable to the Falcons, going down to the South Africans in the group stage before rallying back against Zambia and Equatorial Guinea to make it past the group stage into the Semi finals and then beating Cameroon to set a rematch with South Africa.But the South African ladies where a tough nut to crack and though there was a genuine appeal for a Penalty on Oshoala the Nigerians where not so fantastic overall. The Penalties came, and Nigeria won it 4-3. I just hope they undergo better preparation for the World cup unlike the nations cup and show a better coordination compared to what we saw in this tournament. At least that is why we hired a foreign coach in the first place. Also, quality friendlies should be organized for the girls before the world cup if they are going to go far to be honest. But for now, let them enjoy the trophy.

Wilder vs Fury…

Fury vs Wilder

If there is one thing both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have in common is the fact they both don’t like Anthony Joshua much and they both want to fight him But before that they had to fight each other to find out who is the better man and who walks away with the WBC heavyweight title currently held by Wilder.

The publicity for the fight was not so amazing but nonetheless it was a match keenly followed by boxing enthusiast considering Wilder has not had a really good opponent since he won the belt. So, this was his first real test and the Gypsy King was not going to make it easy for him. The fight started, and we saw a Fury that had not lost his unconventional way of fighting. He is not an average boxer that goes for strength and the big punch, rather he prefers the cheap shot and block to get scores on the other hand Wilder is a very undisciplined boxer that relies on his power punch. Fury took him all the way and showed him what intelligence boxing is all about and though Wilder still managed to drop Fury twice. Fury stood back up and continued getting the points in. At the end it was a SPLIT decision. Oh yes it was a draw which meant that Wilder retained his title and the REMATCH would be eagerly anticipated. And the funny part is whoever wins would most likely face the King Joshua. There are some few points though and I hope AJ was taking notes. First Fury is a very intelligent boxer. Which we can take lessons even in life. Always have a plan and a goal. Sometimes it is the little things that result in the Big things do not always look for just one Big shot, do that little work, garner momentum, garner experience, garner speed and see how things fall in place. Also, discipline is key. Wilder would have been a better boxer if he had learnt the act of defending as well as his offensive side. You cannot always trust on just your talent. You have to put in the work,learn the total act and you will be better. Lastly about this fight, you can always get back up again regardless of how many times life drops you down. It is in you. For now I think Anthony Joshua would own them both if you ask me and someone should please tell Fury the kissing of hands, hugging and going all blessing and Jesus and still insulting another man is not cool.

In Football…


Juventus continues their unbeaten run in the league as well as Manchester city. Manchester United also continues their abysmal run and if they do not sack Mourinho sooner rather than later they can as well kiss top 4 goodbye, if it is not already too late.On Wednesday against a very on form Arsenal will say a lot. In the London derby Arsenal beat Tottenham and showed Mourinho that you do not need money to perform all you need is a good tactic and man management from the manager to be honest.Money might be important but tactics, man management does more. Finally, in the derby Sunday Liverpool continued their dominance against Everton in their Merseyside derby with a very late goal from Origi who is coming back from injury.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember talent without discipline will lead you nowhere.

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