Short Stories



“What is it?” Shade asked, wondering the sudden change in her husband’s mood. Chidi did not answer he kept staring ahead towards Saul who had commenced with the prayer, “Please let us sit down darling, it is quite embarrassing just standing and staring you know.” Still no answer from Chidi who was angry and fighting down so many emotions on the inside of him.“Chidi!!!” She whispered but making sure he got the message. “Sit down Shade I will be back in a few minutes”, “don’t leave me please Chidi, you promised”“and I am giving you my word that I will be back you just have your sit right here woman!” Chidi immediately stormed off and Shade was left perplexed at the swift change in behavior she said a word of prayer for Chidi and then took her sit, hoping he would change his mind and comeback to her.

“Only God can rectify the situation of your life and marriage,let us not forget the spiritual controls the physical, so you must first make sure you have won the battle in the spiritual before taking steps in the physical to mend the fence and build a healthy family. It is never too late for God, with man it might seem impossible but with God believe me nothing is impossible. Let me let you in on something, I was a lost cause, irredeemable to many, infact I myself never thought I would make it back because I was on self-destruct mode, but His mercies were and is still sufficient for me. He never gave up on me and He kept urging me to come back to Him. So, do not give up on your marriage, go to the Lord in prayer. Do not give up on your children vehemently pray them back to the will of God. Yes, He can, if He did it for me why would He not do it for you. I pray the Lord that did not give up on me and turned my life around will deliver every family undergoing one issue or the other and turn your story to a testimony in Jesus name!” The whole church shouted a thunderous Amen to the prayer. “Some people have been praying for years for a miracle, but it seems God has failed them, let me let you in on something God is ready to turn things around for you, just raise up your hand in faith and believe. I pray that, that storm that has been troubling your soul and causing you sleepless night. Peace be still over the storm in Jesus name!!!” The crowd again shouted Amen.

Saul then stated to speak in tongues and then said “You do have to let go of that burden that has weighed you down. You have to drop that baggage that has dragged you down. That pain in your heart it is time to let itgo and that person go, and then would you be ready to receive. THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us Lord. It is time to let it all out and let it go. Only then can you receive that which you seek. That is the word of God” Saul went on and blessed the people.

Chidi came back just in time to see Saul come down from the pulpit. The service went on and it was a mighty one with Shade shedding tears from time to time. She had missed the presence of God and the fellowship of believers. It felt like oasis in her desert. What she would do to have this goon and on she thought to herself. This was the word she needed to lift her spirit, she felt a burden had been lifted off her shoulder. After the service,“where did you go Chidi?” She asked, facing him and wondering why he was so quiet. “It is really nothing he said amidst a fake smile”, “You are not really convincing you know Chidi, I can always tell when you are lying”, “I am trying to be nice woman, please do not push it” Shade looked down and kept quiet, she did not want the joy she had just received to be stolen away from her. Though many got their miracles, and some delivered she believed soon enough she would get hers. She would guard it jealously even if it meant avoiding Chidi for now.“I am coming Shade please wait for me outside”. She was about to ask where, but she decided against it, wanting to hold her peace and not cause any further quarrel, he was clearly not in the mood. Chidi stormed off without looking back and she had this nudge to pray for him. It had been a while she had felt like this, even the prompting had left her a long time ago, but it was back this evening and she quickly acted on it and started to pray for Chidi as fear gripped her heart. She did not know when the tears swelled in her face and then she clearly heard it “Be still and know that I am God”


Chidi walked with purpose with one destination in mind. He tapped his pocket to confirm what he had bought, it was firmly secured. He had an expressionless face, but his eyes said it all. He was a man on a mission and nothing was going to stop him. He went into the Pastoral office and asked the secretary if he could see the Pastor, she told him to sit and wait but Chidi pressed just a little and she told him she would inform the pastor as soon as he finished the prayers with the other Ministers. Chidi thanked her with abroad smile on his face. He had used that same smile to disarm prospective investors back then and it never failed him. It did not now because she smiled back with a blush.


Inside the Saul’s office, the Minsters started to pray, first thanking God for the success of the first day of the program. The testimonies and healing  which took place was astonishing and the word of prophesy also was great. They worshiped and gave thanks. As the songs came rolling in a word came from one of the Pastors “It is time to Restitute!” Saul knew who the word was for and immediately ended the session. The Ministers greeted each other, and they started to file out one after the other. Once they where all out Saul went to his sit backed the door and was lost in meditation and prayer when the secretary knocked and entered,“Sir someone is here to see you” “Finally” Saul whispered, “What did you say sir, I did not hear that” “Let him in”.

Chidi walked in and sat down, as the secretary left both men and closed the door. There was silence in the room. It felt like all the air had been sucked up. After what looked like a long time with Saul still backing Chidi, Chidi finally spoke coldly, “good evening Pastor or is it Saul” there was silence again before Saul finally answered. “You can call me whichever you feel is appropriate though I would rather be called Saul”. “So how has it been so far Saul?” “It has been good, we give God the glory” Came the reply by Saul. This irritated Chidi even more. He hated the fact he could not look into the face of Saul. Suddenly Saul turned and looked straight into the eyes of Chidi, this took Chidi back, He was not expecting it, “You wanted to see my face” Saul said with a warm smile on his face. Chidi was surprised but he quickly composed himself and then continued to speak, “so tell me this Pastor, why is it that your God would forgive a man that has committed so much atrocities and caused havoc and even go ahead to use him for His work?” “because His ways are not our ways neither His thought ours. He will show mercy to him who He will show mercy to and He will be gracious to him whom He will be gracious to.He owes no man anything and he decides who to use. But to further elaborate I will quote 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Those are His words not mine. If a man decides to confess his sin, he is a new creation; old things have passed away. That man has a clean slate with God and yes to answer your question he can be used by God”. Obviously, the answer did not seat well with Chidi, “I can sense a raging on the inside of you. I can sense you were once saved what happened to you?” “I can also tell for a fact without sensing you where in the World, why on earth would he even think of calling such a man like you” Chidi countered, and for the first time Saul didn’t look in control anymore. “Do I know you by any chance Sir…” “It is Chidi and didn’t your God tell you about me?” Saul knew something was amidst and prayed silently, he calmed down and then proceeded to speak “What is the issue Chidi?” “You are a wicked man Saul and you deserve to die for all the pain and atrocities you did to me and my wife. You should not be there all free, neither should you be standing on a pulpit preaching, you shouldn’t be used by God or even still be alive. You deserve to be struck dead even” the emotions overtook Chidi, though he tried really hard to fight the tears. Saul knew this man was from his past.The very same one God had warned him about. This was not going to be easy, “Chidi to be honest with you, I might not know your face, but I can tell I have hurt you, I have hurt you a whole lot and hurt your family too. I also know that it would be hard forgiving me considering my past, but you can be rest assured, I have paid for my crimes, maybe not enough but every day I keep paying the price with the guilt I feel inside. I was not a good man that much I can admit but please find it in your heart to forgive me Chidi”, “You talk of forgiveness”Chidi laughed hard, a mocking one “You do not deserve forgiving Saul, tell me really how do I forgive a man that shot my wife in the head? A man that not only dis-virgined her but gave her HIV. How can I forgive a man who made me loose my job, got kicked out of our home and now must live from hand to mouth?Tell me Saul how do you forgive such a man who after all his atrocities still got it easy and walks a free man. Saul you are wicked and deserve what is coming to you and more”, “For what its worth Chidi I am sorry, I truly am. May God heal your broken heart and your family in Jesus name” Immediately he finished the sentence, Chidi brought out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Saul across the Chest.

To be continued……

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