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   MOVIES OF 2019…

As is my custom in my over one year of blogging (it is a short time but loads of things have happened trust me). I am going to be presenting the movies to watch in 2019.The amazing thing about the movies I have chosen is that most are favorite childhood cartoon adaptations turned movie and I am so happy I see it come to the big screen. To be honest you would not understand how I am feeling now till I start reviewing them next year. Believe me I cannot wait so without further ado let us go through the list.


If you watched Avenger this year then you would have noticed Nick Fury trying to reach someone before he turned to ashes. The symbol was of Captain Marvel and we cannot wait to see the stuff she is made of MARCH 8is the date, who is excited? I know I am…


Who remembers the cartoon about an elephant who joins the Circus and then we discovered it could fly? Oh yes that cartoon is called DUMBO and I am also excited about this one.I remember Channels (A Nigerian station) showing this one and I cannot wait to watch the movie. I am sure you can also get some of these cartoons on google for those that did not grow up watching them lol. The date MARCH 29


If you watched Avengers the Infinity stones then there is no way you would not want to watch Avengers Annihilation the sequel. Oh yes you heard right, we all want to find out what happens next after some half the population of the universe vanished into thin air and Thanos finally getting his wish. With Stan lee also gone I am sure the MARVEL world would have something up their sleeves to eulogies him. It would be emotional, action packed and probably intense so get prepared. Marvel has not failed up to this point, I don’t think they are about to start now. MAY 3


I am about to burst out in tears, oh yes tears of joy might I add. The king of thieves. The street boy turned Prince. The street rat that fulfilled his dream. The one with the magic carpet and the Monkey called Abu. Are you ready for one of my all-time favorite cartoons ever? You have three wishes people and the Genie just gave me one of my wishes. I am so excited because Aladdin is coming to the big screen.People you do not want to miss this for the world and the songs, oh! the songs I cannot forget. “Let me share this whole new world with you” I await that part especially. Who does not Love, love lol. Let me let you in on something. Will Smith is going to be playing theGenie. MAY 24


I really do not know what else Toy Story has to offer us this year, but it seems they are not content in making us cry or going on the jolly ride with Woody and the rest of the Toy story. I really do not know what to expect from this new one, but I am sure they will find a way to kill it. 2019 we die here lol. JUNE 21


Another of my all-time favorite is coming to the big screen. The Lion King. Somebody wake me up this must be a dream. All these movies in one year. It is truly the year of the cartoons. Pumba, Timo, Scar, Mufasa etc People get ready to get your mind blown. The teasers are already airing and that is just a tip trust me. Beyonce is on this one. You do not want to miss this, I mean it!!! JULY 19


Also known asCaptain Marvel but because Marvel Universe already own that name, they had to leave it at Shazam. DC Comic are trying to get it back and so far, they have done a poor job convincing us they got what it takes to compete with Marvel but I will give them another chance. From the teasers it is filled with a comical side to him considering it is a boy in a man’s body it is understandable. I just hope they nail it because they cannot ruin a great cartoon for us lol. The Rock has not gone wrong in any of his movies, with him playing Black Adam what do you think would happen? I have never really seen him play a villain role so this would be new and refreshing. APRIL


Hellboy is here! Oh Yes!!! You heard right. Hellboy is being brought to us and it would be showing in April. I will be honest I enjoyed the last Hellboy and I would like to know what new thing they would like to add to this one. Let us sit back and anticipate. APRIL

SPIDERMAN – Far from Home

Tom Holland will be back for Spiderman part 2 under the MCU world. It is titled Far from Home and I expect a whole lot to be honest from this. I will not totally call the part 1 (Home coming) a failure but to be honest it was not all that compared to the expectation and previous Spiderman that have been done but I am sure this would be way better though if there is something I can bet, you would laugh all through because Tom Holland brings the jokes every time. I cannot wait. JULY

X-MEN- The Dark Phoenix

Now that the MCU have taken back the rights to the X-men I am excited for this one. Oh yes you can expect some magic on the X-men. Also let us not forget in a hurry that Jane aka the Phoenix is the strongest Mutant there is. So, when something is titled The Dark Phoenix expect something really dark. I don’t want to imagine Jane with all that power going rogue it would be disastrous. If you think Magneto was bad, imagine the greatest mutant with unlimited power. I do not expect anything less than catastrophic Armageddon on this one. If anything, I feel Love would be the Key in this one. JUNE

We also have THE NEW MUTANT, JOKER, IT CHAPTER TWO,GLASS and a whole lot more movies coming out. This are my picks though for 2019 you can add yours at the comment section.


My lovers of series, you are not left out don’t worry. I am so ready for Games of Thrones’season finale. Who would rule the 7 kingdom? The Wolves, Lions or Dragons. With the white walkers having a dragon and decimating the North wall with ease what is the fate of mankind? The prophesy spoke of three of her children dying but did not mention a fourth, so with (King) Queen Cersei pregnant with a fourth what is going to happen. With King Jon Snow sleeping with his Aunt which we hope would not lead to a baby what do we expect. By the way I will be watching out for Aryei Stark she is my girl. Get ready to be blown away with this season finale and enjoy every moment because there would not be any other season asides this.

I cannot wait to meet you all on the other side of 2019. Remember Always associate yourself with people that will inspire you not pressure you. People that will believe in you and not pull you down. People that will cheer you and celebrate you and not get jealous of your successes. People that will challenge you to be a better version of yourself. End the year strong no matter how 2018 has been and you will smile again. You best believe that… T21

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  1. There are so much more movies tobe excited about in 2019 that the cinema should just take my account and pin. Lord have mercy. With Addams family, Charlie’s angels, kingsman 3, terminator reboot, Godzilla, men in black spinoff, Child’s play reboot and the fast and furious spinoff ………..2019 is literally on fire.


    • see eeh let us just agree that 2019 is the real year of the MOVIES… because it would be explosive which movie do you think would really come out tops among this list of fantastic movies?………… T21


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