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The Hate U Give…


This movie is very deep I must say, and I am glad I watched it. It centers on Police brutality and color propriety.  It is about a family with a couple and three kids. The father being an ex-con and the former right-hand man of the drug Lord of the area trained his kids on how to live right in a society filled with hate, societal ill and cop killing. A society where the blacks are despised, and the order of the day is divide and conquer instead of unite and rebuild.

The man taught them how to behave against the police, how to stand up for themselves and how to revolt against the social ills of the country.

His daughter Starr watched has her childhood friend and first crush was gruesomely murdered just because he brought out a comb from the car. The Police was given just a compulsory paid leave for taking a life and it got the community agitated, but Starr was reluctant to come out to testify because her friend was working with the drug lord and if she was going to testify, she would have to say it all and endanger her life and family. This same drug lord also had killed her best friend when she was young. She also had the issue of her school which was predominantly white and her supposed close friend who was white taking the side of the cop. All these played in her mind till she decided to stand up for herself and do what was right.

She testified against the cop and went on life Television. This decision did not sit well with the drug Lord who tried to attack them, also the Police was not forgiving either. Her family was black listed, and they had to move to their uncle’s house who was a cop.

After Starr testified the cop was still allowed to walk free which infuriated the community even more and led to a protest which quickly escalated. Starr and her brother got into the protest and ……..

I will definitely not finish it for you lol. Go watch the movie it is actually inspiring and thought provoking to be honest my best part of the movie was when Common who played her uncle was talking to Starr about how Police act when they pull over a car and it showed to me that perception is everything and color definitely plays a huge role in perception even as we claim to be modernized. It is sad how someone with white skin is preferred compared to someone with a black skin. It is sad how a degree abroad is preferred to one over here without even checking the content of the person’s brain. It is so sad that those with the ideas and amazing work ethic are overlooked just because they do not have the right color. The world we live in is so unbalanced and it would take you and I to correct it.Stand up for what is right not what is socially acceptable. Stand up for every human regardless of color, race, religion or ethnicity. Be objective in your choice for positions, let the best person win regardless of gender, race, color or religion. It is time to do what is right not what is acceptable. May God help us all.

I rate the movie a 4 out of 5 and also a must watch because it speaks to us all and touches a topic everyone tries to ignore.

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