The Real Super men…

Yesterday 19th of November and every 19th of November is meant to be the day for the MAN. It is declared the International men’s day, but it seemed everywhere was quiet and aloof about the day. Even Social Media did not celebrate the man the same way the woman is celebrated. This actually got me thinking and asking questions. The fact that the Woman has probably five days or more in a year to be celebrated and gets celebrated on such days with comments, beautiful write ups and all and the only day the man probably has to be celebrated just passes like it is a normal day, does it feel right? Is the male gender that bad or evil that they are not worth celebrating? Are we now inconsequential in the scheme of things and don’t deserve celebrating or everyone just decided to forget?

What about those that have preached equal rights, have they done a good job in portraying equal right with the events of the 19th? Are things really tilted to favor the man in our modern world?

Before I write for all men celebrating them today let me state this. The male child needs as much attention as the female child, we should not pay so much attention on raising strong, industrious and amazing female children that we neglect the male child and tell him, he will be okay. The male children should be nurtured also to be gentlemen, winners, true heads of their family, supporters of their wife’s vision and all. Let us also pay attention to the kind of education he has without preferential treatment and teach him how to address a lady, politely talk to a woman and not look down on the opposite gender. Let us teach the male gender it is okay to express their feelings and not bottle everything up. Let us teach the world not the pressure the male child but encourage him to be the best version of himself and spread his wings also. It is our collective duty not to neglect the male child while trying to raise a balanced society, so we do not get accused of the same things we have fought against. A word is enough for the wise.

I celebrate every guy and man out there, that does a legit work, hustles and tries to put food on the table. Every Legit boy that is not given privileges like the other gender but still makes something out of his life. Every man out there that is under pressure to be a true man even though society is against him. That true man that goes through verbal and emotional torture but cannot voice out because the society would laugh it off, look down on him or joke about it. To Every true man that has been accused falsely but rises against the odds. To every man that is treating his woman right even if he is not necessarily getting it back. I celebrate the men that have shown their sons how to be gentlemen and their daughters the kind of man they should aspire to marry. To every man that is supportive of his wife, sister and mother and makes their progress his life’s work. To every man that goes to the ends of the earth to make everyone happy while sacrificing his time, life, health so everyone else can be happy. To the men that will not speak out of all what they have done to keep the family afloat but never get the praises or the thank you they deserve. I celebrate you all in here you all are the real MVP. God bless you all and make your hustle pay.

To be a man is not a day’s job!

To the Men who have become positive role models,

To the Men who have become mentors,

To the Men who are shaping history,

To the Men with life’s scars who have risen above the ashes,

To the Men who are working tirelessly to better the home front,

To the gallant Men who have fought, succumbed to earth’s mortality,

To the giants who have become frail and have passed the baton,

To the flawed Man who is a work-in-progress,

To Great Men,

May we be them,

May we know them,

May we raise them–  Fred

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