It was sad wakingup to the news of Tosyn Bucknor’s demise, reports coming in have stated the cause of death is complication from the Sickle cell Anaemia, but regardless Nigerians especially Lagosians that listen to radio would know who she was. She was an amazing OAP and a delight to listen to. She made many listen to Top radio that year with her famous shout of AREAAAAAAAA!!! It is so sad she had to pass on at the age of 37.

As lively, playful, jovial and amazing as she was, something most people did not know about her was the fact she was born with the sickle cell anaemia and has lived with it all her life. Oh yes having a dad with it taught me a whole lot and I know all the pains and episodes she must have gone through in her life. I sympathize with her family and I pray that God gives them the fortitude to bear the lose.

I also want to sound out an advice to those in relationships, those about to enter one and those intending to marry. My dad always told me amidst his pain, “You can bring any girl, I will understand but if her genotype is not compatible with yours, I will fight you and my spirit will fight you. I do not want any of my Grand children going through the pains I went through”. That advice stuck with me and I still advice people when I can. Just maybe because of his condition I went to the University to study the course Genetics. Please people do not compromise your future because of a decision you make today! “The Wrong decisions you make now,will be your sorrows and regrets tomorrow” Daddy Folarin wrote in his book.

If you really love him or her, know their genotype, if you meet someone for the first time ask for their name and look for a way to find out their genotype or just bluntly ask, because you do not know where it is going to lead. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to be safe than having to spend so much money in the future. Even if you have all the money in the world. It is better to be safe than to subject another human knowingly into so much pain and agony.

Tosyn Bucknor is gone, let us uphold her memory by making sure another child does not have to live with Anaemia like she did. May her gentle soul rest in Perfect peace and may all those living with Anaemia find peace and live a painless life. Amen!

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