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Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

My friend Lulu told me about this book about very wealthy Asians from Singapore that their money made you want to have money by all means or make you think twice about your life lol. He told me the book taught him more about Asians and how their rich behaved. Fast forward few months after it was announced a movie about the book was coming to our screens and I was shocked and still felt it might just be like any other movie, but I was totally wrong. I came late to the party, but it was totally worth it watching it eventually.

The movie dived into a family called the Young that had crazy superb money. They where the leading family in Singapore and spared nothing. The son Nick fell in love with Rachel, a professor in Economics in the US, who had no family money or a father, so it seemed. Nick decided he was ready to settle down and wanted to introduce his girlfriend to the family and propose. It was easier said than done. Unknown to the Rachel she did not know he came from a really rich family and he was supposed to be the heir to the family business. News travelled fast and before they got to Singapore everyone that was anyone in the wealthy class knew about her. The mother, Eleanor was not so pleased to see a commoner but Nick and Rachel had to fight for their love against family and exes who combined to set them apart. But eventually love won but I will not tell you how because I really want you to watch the movie.

The Crazy Rich Asian is a superb movie to be honest and my best part was at the wedding of Nick’s best friend where the song “falling in love with you” played. It was so touching and the walking in of the bride was the stuffs of fairytale. Well that is what money can do.

It truly was a great movie and one that everyone should watch. It was hilarious, it was thought provoking and it also had life lessons to be learnt and I will gladly share one with you all for free.

Rich or poor your character definitely would determine how you would affect lives, negatively or positively.

I rate it a 3 out of 5…. Have a great weekend and remember to show some love.


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