Short Stories


Episode 6…

 Shout out to Stan Lee. You are a true legend and you will never be forgotten. You made our childhood Amazing and we have MARVELED all these years and your creativity. You will be missed…

Stan lee 1922-2018


Kirikiri Prison……

Restitution episode 6

“Prisoner 3160 it’s your turn to cut the grass”. The Warden announced and Saul slowly got off the floor and headed to the entrance of his prison which was congested. Though he was tired, sickly and hungry there was a smile permanently on his face. He was dubbed the SMILEY because whatever hardship the prison brought his way, he never lost his smile. Saul knew it was not his doing, he felt the hunger, he felt the frustration, he felt the pain, but he also felt some sort of comfort that drove him on through the rough times. He felt lighter and his heart devoid of all the heaviness. There were times the guilt crept in, but he never dwelt on them for long. He fought the emotions and dwelt on better days, days in his past when he served the Lord with his brother. Days they both went for evangelism, days when the Lord used his hands for His work. Those days where long gone, and the time could not be redeemed but he would prefer those thoughts to his present situation. The Voice his ever-present companion interrupted Saul’s though. “Redeeming the times”. “You do have a perfect sense of timing”, “I created time, what were you expecting?” “Shey,my bad Lord”, “It is fine. It is so refreshing watching you grow; your Ministry starts here and now. Remember do not be afraid I got you” Saul thought about those words and held on to it like his life depended on it. He was not afraid to face this hardened criminals like himself he quickly reminded himself, the issue was Small and Kazi, especially the latter. He would give him a hard time in here but he knew he had no choice.

After they had finished cutting the grass and were on break, Saul summoned courage and faced the inmates, “what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul my brothers?” Everyone turned to Saul, he had always been known to be quiet till today. Their stares caught Saul off guard, but he summoned more courage and continued, “it is not like we have the whole world now” He giggled trying to lighten the mood, but no one was buying it. The sweat broke out on his face and for the first time in a long while since he could remember he trembled. Then he immediately had a flash back of his days in the world. He was a Kingpin, he was never scared of anything or anyone. When he made up his mind to rob a place, he never second guessed himself and he was never afraid to speak to anyone. Saul knew this was a sign from God and he silently said a word of thanksgiving. “Probably some of us owned the world at some point in our lives. We were untouchable and no one dared speak to us and I do not use the word “we” mistakenly because I was once like you all, maybe even worse till I found the Truth. Everything we have ever risked our lives for are all vanity, nothing. Infact look at where we are now rotting here after years and years of amassing wealth and this is nothing compared to what we will face when we die or when the rapture blows” Saul continued, some of the inmates lost interest, hissed and walked away, others murmured among themselves wondering what he was on about while another set where aloof and it was hard to tell what they were feeling or thinking. Saul soldiered on, “This is like a test if you ask me, a test to show us what it would be like if we continue in our wicked ways. I know some of you have fortunes waiting outside when you finish time here, what If you do not make it out? Those of you that have planned to go back to your ways once you spend your time, what if you never have a third chance. Some others are either here for life or waiting execution, what do you have to lose?” “and who made you a saint?” a familiar voice interrupted Saul and the crowd turned their attention to the person. Saul looked and found Kazi staring him down. “You of all people should not even try to guilt trip us, you are worse in every sense of the word. You are devil’s lieutenant, and this is just a smoke screen so you can leave here for good conduct, I am not buying it Saul”, “I know I have committed many a crime, infact so many I am ashamed of myself sometimes when I think about it. But who the Son has set free is free indeed and free from condemnation. I will forever remember those I have brought tears to their eyes. Those families I have made fatherless or motherless or even childless. Those families that I have allowed kill each other I will always remember but I have had an encounter with Him who forgives all my iniquities and forgets all my sins and that same opportunity is available for you Kazi and everyone listening to me”, “Spare me Saul, just admit you have lost your mojo and this is just an act to try and escape and I will understand really”, “I kid you not Kazi, I am a different man now” “Then you better get ready to rot away in Hell and I will be there smiling at you” Kazi replied and stormed out of the place with Small behind him and some of the inmates.

But a few waited behind to listen to Saul and they were willing to give their lives to Christ. He beckoned on them to kneel and they obliged. He closed his eyes and told them to repeat after him when the word came “My grace is sufficient for you” out of nowhere, Saul felt a sharp pain at his side, he screamed in pain and again he felt the sharp pain and looked back to find Kazi with an improvised sharp object stabbing him with a wicked smile. “Let me see your God save you now Saul”. Kazi one last time stabbed the object inside Saul’s side and everything around started to fade and the last thing he heard was the wicked laughter of Kazi and the words, “how does it feel being served the same dish you serve to others? Rot in Hell Saul I will come join you there soon”.


After some weeks in the hospital Chidi took Shade home with the help of family, the couple pleaded for privacy and everyone had no choice but to leave them and let them be. The first night was filled with pain and flashbacks. The couple could not sleep as they turned and tossed on the bed. After hours passed Shade decided to pray as the tears kept rolling down her eyes. “what are you doing?” Chidi countered, there was no response as Shade continued, “I said what is it you think you are doing Shade?” “What does it look like Chidi? I am praying for strength for the battle ahead?” “So, with all that has happened there is still more? Which kind of God do you even say you serve sef with all that has happened we have not even recovered or might not recover and you say there is still more ahead” “Chidi this is the same God we served together, the same Church you have known me with, the same God that gave you promotions upon promotions, that same God that led me to you even amidst the numerous suitors even when you said you did not deserve me, that same God that….” “That allowed you get raped, shot and given HIV, how twisted” Chidi countered, and shock was written all over Shade’s face, “Chidi! Blaspheme!!!” “What have I said wrong, I thought you always told me your God would not allow you see evil and would always protect you, so what happened?” “Chidi you are not making this any easy on me, I am the one living with HIV, I am the one that was raped, is this how you console me with such piercing words? What have I ever done to deserve this Chidi, I thought you love me?” tears once again began to roll down Shade’s eyes, Chidi could not hold his emotion in check anymore and he cried out in pain. “I am sorry Shade, I am in so much pain, why of all people in the world, in Africa, in Nigeria even in Lagos am I the one such tragic event occurred to, where is the God that promised He will lead and direct our path. Why should I trust Him again after so much grief he has caused you? I am sorry Shade, but I cannot comprehend all of it at this time”. Chidi got up and went to the spare room. Shade cried and mumbled some inaudible words till a soft breeze sent her to sleep and the last thing she heard was a whisper in the chaos “Which report would you believe?”


Kirikiri Prison…

“Prisoner 3160 was seriously injured and is lucky to still be alive, Warden. He lost a whole lot of blood and almost got a vital organ punctured but he is a lucky man, a very lucky man if I might add” “Thankfully doctor there was no death on my watch. Thank you for your timely intervention” The Warden replied, “It is not me at all, he is just a very lucky man. But Warden what really happened, how was a sharp object gotten and used on this inmate”, “That is what I intend to find out but you know how these prisoners can be, no one will come forward and confess, no one wants to be considered a snitch for fear of their lives, but I will not relent till I find the person that did this” The Warden replied, “I hope you do Warden so it does not become a reoccurring issue in the prisons. It would also serve as a warning to the others once you catch the assailant” The Doctor replied.

Later in the Evening, the Doctor after making his checks on the sick inmates, decided to take a break when he saw an inmate approaching, “Good evening Doctor”, “Good evening, what brings you to this side?”, “The Warden sent me, it is my turn to clean the rooms and dispose of the dirts”, “No problem, but please make sure you do not touch any of the equipment please” “You got that doctor, I don’t want to be in the black book of the warden, so I do my job and I leave”. The Doctor walks past as the inmate heads for Saul’s room. He gently opens the door then takes a look around to make sure everything was in order. The inmate then steps in and gently closes the door. A wide grin could be seen on the inmates face as he slowly walks towards the unconscious body of Saul, “I have waited so long for this, I have actually played this scene in my head over and over. Now that it is here it still feels so unreal” The inmate touches Saul to confirm he was not dreaming, and a wicked grin contours the face of the inmate, “finally you are mine”. The inmate draws out a sharp object from his pocket raises it up, “let us see your God save you now” …


Shade can be seen in the bed in much pain and agony, Chidi runs in all dressed up and ready for work, “what is wrong Shade?” “I am feeling nauseous, I think I want to” and before she finishes the statement, she runs into the toilet to throw up, “The drugs again?” Chidi inquires after she gingerly walks back into the room, “I guess so… the doctor says there is not much we can do, the side effect of the drug to suppress the virus”, “I know darl” Shade tries to hug Chidi, but he is hesitant, and she notices, “what is wrong Chidi?” “It is nothing really, I am just being careful you know”, “Chidi you know you cannot get the virus from hugging or is it because of the rashes and smell?” Chidi did not reply but faked a smile, “I can see through you Chidi, I know I am not the most attractive person at this point, but I still appreciate all your effort and care towards me”, Chidi was moved by the words, “I am sorry for behaving so insensitive, it is not you. Work has just been bothersome and I have not been performing at the office, not to talk of the query I have been receiving for late coming and no show at work” “It is well Chidi, I will put it in prayer” Chidi’s expression changed on hearing those words from Shade, “please let us not start this topic all over again. Let your God save you first from this predicament we are in then we can talk to Him about my job” an uneasy silence rest amongst them. “You should watch what you say Chidi, there is so much you can say before God’s anger sets upon you” Shade finally replies and before Chidi could counter, his phone rings. He eyes Shade before picking up the call. “Yes, Anthony how may I help you?” … “I am not driving, I am listening” “No!……… No!!………….No!!!” Chidi throws his phone on the floor and sits down on the bed with his head in his hands muttering the word “NO!!!”. “What is wrong Chidi? Who was that? Talk to me?” After a long while Chidi looks up, staring at Shade but not really seeing her instead looking past her, “That was my friend from HR. I have been let go.

“Obedience is better than sacrifice” ……

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