Banky W joins Politics: The News


Bankole Wellington AKA BankyW runs…


After so many months of vocally challenging the old order in the political sphere and challenging his followers to get their PVC, the popular musician, actor and husband to the beautiful Adesua has finally put himself up for the forthcoming election. Oh yes you read it right. Bankole Wellington is going in for the house of Representative in the Federal level representing Eti-osa. His message is centered around hope and I am glad young people are coming out now and taking back what rightly belongs to them from the old warhorses that have driven this country underground. As much as I have hope with the youths coming out, I must say I am also going to be a realist. I would not rate him till he wins and performs. I had such high hopes regarding Desmond Elliot and Ben Bruce and they both failed me, I hope for the sake of Nigerians that BankyW will be different. I hope he is but for now let us vote HOPE, It’s BANKY DOUBLE U LOL I’M GONNA BE …………… (you can complete the song).


El-Rufai vs Peter Obi

elrufai n Obi

So last week, El-Rufai came out on social media calling Peter Obi the vice-presidential aspirant of the PDP a tribal bigot and it did not sit down well with the PDP party which led to exchange of words. For matured people that should be leading the youths on what is right and how to conduct themselves I see it highly embarrassing and disgraceful that men of supposed honor and excellence should stoop so low to insulting their person. Why can’t they all just campaign the right way telling the people what they intend to subject us to in the next four years if they win instead of all this charade. It is really tiring and uncalled for El-Rufai.

The Manchester Derby….

manchester derby

If you know me you would know that I am a United fan true and true but when it comes to writing I remain objective, and the truth is simple. Manchester at the moment and for the foreseeable future if Mourinho is not sacked would remain Blue. Yes, City might have spent and overspent and gotten the backing of Uefa and FIFA who have turned a blind eye (story for another day) but their directors have built an institution and hired the right personnel to oversee the project and it is working seamlessly. We are now the team looking at the other half of Manchester in envy. Oh well good victory by Manchester city at the Etihad stadium. Goals by David Silva, Aguero and Gundogan where enough to silence the Red half of Manchester while a consolation goal by Martial from the spot made his goal tally five from five. There are no positives to take from this game to be honest and only one thing Mourinho needs to be fired. By the way Bayern Munich lost to Borussia Dortmund 2-3, Barcelona also lost their match to Real Betis at home 3-4, Arsenal and Chelsea drew their matches. So it was not all that bad lol.

Hamilton won the Formula One race in Brazil at the Interlagos track. It was an explosive race with Max Verstapan and Bottas passing Vettel.


Congratulations to Ihuoma Linda and Ibrahim Suleiman on your wedding. #celebritywedding #isquared18.

Harmattan where at thou…

It is November and the weather is extremely hot, the rains still dare to fall and there is no where in sight our end of the year visitor; Harmattan. What is really going on with the weather eeh?! Harmattan we have missed you quickly come and take your rightful position amongst the weather we need to feel something that reminds us Christmas is coming. Unless the unbearable economic situation of the country is making Harmattan have second thoughts lol. No one wants to come and suffer not even Harmattan lol.

Have a lovely week and remember to be thankful, if not for anything for the life you have. It might not be worth much to you, but to someone else it might be the life they want and would cherish. It might not be the life you envision but it can get better. T21

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