Short Stories


Episode 5…


Sunday Morning…

The radio can be heard blasting loudly from the corridors; “Good morning ladies and gents out there, it is a beautiful Sunday morning and why don’t we just give God some praise, I got some songs lined up that would enrich your spirit man, we got Travis Greene featuring Chandler Moore with the song titled while I’m waiting and we also have Eben featuring Nathaniel Bassey with the song titled No one like you.. Take it out Deejay. The song begins to play “What my eyes can’t see I still believe, every word spoken to me…… there is no word that would come back void……. God is not a man that He should lie……. While I am waiting……… I am getting stronger; my faith is rising……. I will run while I am waiting, I am lifting up on wings like eagles. I believe I will trust in you… (I will run, and I will not be weary, I will walk, and I will not faint, I will rise on wings like eagles… I believe I believe I will trust in you… I still believe… I still believe what my eyes can’t see.)

The melody kept on playing into the holding cell while Saul could be seen keeping to himself in the corner rolled up. More suspects had joined him in his holding cell. Some drunk, some having withdrawal symptoms from not haven taken the substance that kept them high or low as the case maybe. Others looked really dangerous but none of them scared Saul, he was worse, the kingpin of every evil ever imagined, these guys seemed like learners where he was involved but for the first time in his present way of life, he felt irritated. Then The Voice spoke to him;

Can you hear that Saul?!” “Yes, Lord the song is really getting to me, like there is a burden I need to carry”, “My burden is light Saul and my yoke easy take them upon you”, “I am ready Lord, I give my heart, my soul and my body to you Lord. Use them as You will” “You are not ready Saul, you would have to be in a period of waiting”, “While I’m waiting, I’m getting stronger”, “You were paying attention”, “You had it on for a reason, I had no choice but to listen Lord” The Voice laughed. Then the Voice became all serious in His tone, “You will have to wait patiently son!” there was concern in His voice, “While I’m waiting, my faith is rising”, “It will not be easy, it would be tough and rough”, “I will run and I will not be weary, I will walk and I will not faint, I will mount on your wings Lord”, “My grace will be sufficient for you Saul will you hold on?” “What my eyes can’t see, I still believe, every word spoken, I will receive, there is no word that would come back void, You are not a man that You should lie. While I’m waiting I will believe I will believe. I will trust in you”, “I know you will Saul. Remember do not fear he that can destroy only the flesh but fear He that can destroy both the soul and flesh in hell”, “I am well aware of Your sovereignty and Your power. Who can compare or know it all? I will trust in you” “The Holy Spirit will never leave you nor forsake you Saul” The Voice said with somewhat a deep sorrow”, “Thank you, though I do not deserve of your mercy or kindness. You do too much for me”, “What do you see around you Saul?” “Irritating, unfortunate and misguided fellows”, “I see an army that would spread forth my Kingdom” The Voice scolded. “Just a few days ago you where not so different Saul. They are your foundation in this journey I have placed in your hands. Do not disappoint me or let them down”. There was silence and the Song kept playing and ministering to Saul, while also comforting him for the dreaded journey ahead.



“Chidi how are you doing?” Shade asked, the tears freely flowing down her eyes. Chidi could not hold back his emotions either. They both cried for a while holding each other in a warm embrace. After a while Chidi finally replied, “I should be asking you darling. That is what I saw in you all along still so caring after everything you have been through. I am so sorry I could not protect you, I am so sorry” His voice trailing off as the tears flowed. “Don’t blame yourself my love, there is absolutely nothing you could have done considering the situation. It happened let us just be grateful for life”, “You talk about life Shade, like seriously after everything that has happened you still think there is anything left to be grateful for?” Chidi countered. Shade sighed and looked into space, reflecting about everything. The best day of her life turned out to be the worst day of her life. She had been raped, not just raped but her virginity taken away from her. She had been beaten, she had been bruised, she had also been shot at and undergone an operation, she had been told she died for hours and her husband had been badly broken. Was Chidi right about being grateful? She thought to herself. For the first time in her life she was not so sure anymore. “We still need to be grateful Chidi regardless”, “I know this is the line you have been brought up to say regardless of what happens but there are no positives from all these darling, no positives at all. You know what Shade I will be better off dead than this kind of life!” “Chidi!!! How dare you speak like that, how dare you?! Stop it this minute. You of all people should know God never makes a mistake. He never ever makes a mistake. I don’t know the answers and I am hurting extremely but you are not even making it any better with your words. Get a grip man and stop all this!!” She vehemently countered. Then the song from the radio beside her bed came to life.

You Are not a man, you are not a man ooo, you are the God who opens doors no man can shut. You are not a man, you are not a man… You are a God of everything no one like you. No one like you Jesus, no one like you Eze.  No one like you Jesus You are the God of everything no One like you….”

“You hear that Chidi, that song I can bet is specifically for us”, “Oh stop it Shade, with everything that has happened how can you even still feel so hopeful”, “because regardless of all, God is not man, He cannot lie, He can do whatever He feels like and it doesn’t change Who He is”. “I am done with that God that would cause us so much pain, sorrow and regret, I am done with God that would allow such evil and scar”, “Am I not the one with the pain, bullet wound, and virginity stolen from her? So why are you so pained and why do you take it so personal? Eh tell me Chidi why?” “Because…because you are HIV positive damn it!!! Your God failed us BIG!!!” Shade’s world came crashing down with those words and all she could mutter before she went unconscious was “GOD WHY?”



“Mr Saul Philips you are hereby sentenced to ten years in prison for the possession of illegal weapons. I hope for your sake the experience in there would correct you and make you a better person”. The Judge declared, and The Voice could be heard “My grace is sufficient for you”

To be continued…

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