CNN Heroes: News

CNN Heroes: News

Ajayi akinfolarin

I stumbled on the news over the weekend and found out one of ours was among the Top 10 CNN Heroes for 2018 and I was amazed and proud all at the same time. Her name; Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin. She is a coder that has impacted the lives of young girls in Lagos, Nigeria through her foundation. She has taught them how to code and in turn created opportunities for them in life though they come from poor backgrounds. I am so proud of her and of Nigeria as a country because good things still come from this country. I am proud because amidst all the tension and bad report emanating from the country, some people no matter how few still have a heart of gold and go the distance to help those around them. It is also a wake-up call to every Nigerian out there. It is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Yes the Government needs to do more but in your little corner what are you doing to help? In your Church and Mosque, where you reside, your workplace what are you doing to improve lives? It does not always have to involve money. Teaching young people math or English is one way. Teaching them how to use Excel is another. Teaching them morals and the good of always doing what is right not necessarily what is easy; Teaching them from a tender age that Religion, class or tribe should not divide but instead let there be unity in diversity. Sponsoring someone to school, paying for someone’s course. Abisoye is a Hero and should be celebrated and voted for in the link below. The very important question is “ARE YOU PLAYING YOUR HEROES ROLE OR JUST BEING A VILLIAN TO THOSE AROUND YOU?”.

Go to and click through to their voting page.

Click ‘Log In’ in the upper right corner.

Read and accept the Voting Disclosures. (Click to accept).

Select either ‘Sign in with Facebook’ or ‘Sign in with Email.’

You may vote up to ten times a day, per login method.

I have done my part by voting my quota today I will continue tomorrow, Let us call upon the Nigerian Spirit and Unity and Vote like our existence depends on it.


Buhari and Waec…


It first came as a relieve to the Buhari supporters when the President finally was presented with his WAEC certification but on close observation of that result it was glaring to all that it was a suspect. I wonder why the team advising the president would think it wise to bring it out at this particular time. They had gotten away with it in the last four years (which is not right if I might add) but with this move it is like rubbing it on our face that they can get away with anything. I am really sad for my country I must say, and I would advice we all vote APC out and not just them but also the PDP who have nothing to offer us. Imagine they also taking a team of 400 people to Dubai to delibrate on how to win an election. So, they are telling me there is no place in Nigeria they could meet for that? Let us be guided in our choice come 2019 and do what is right. Someone totally different would be ideal for us as a country. Also the House of Assembly and representative is an important aspect come 2019 when we go out to vote. They determine what becomes law so let us also vote wise in that aspect and not the usuals who have failed woefully.

Have a wonderful week and Remember to SMILE… It cost nothing and gives so much…


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