Short Stories







Episode 4…

“Stop there!!!” the policeman screamed as the vehicle came to a halt. The other policemen on patrol already had their guns out, pointed at the vehicle waiting for an excuse to fire. “You set us up Saul, didn’t you?!” Kazi shouted. Saul still visibly irritated could not hold back, he immediately landed a punch on Kazi’s face and a scuffle erupted before Small ensued for peace, “Una no get sense oo, so with police una still dey fight abi?. You two go just give them reason to arrest us las las. Boss! Boss!! Abeg shey na you set us up?” “I did no such thing Small, they are not supposed to be on the road because my source confirmed that everyone had been settled tonight on this road” Saul replied unsure of himself for the first time since he started to rob. “You can deceive Small but I am not buying it” Kazi countered.

“Hey, identify yourselves gentlemen!” The police knocked on their glass as he inquired of them. Saul quickly composed himself, he was the ever-smooth talker and charmer, he knew he could get out of any situation with his mouth, if his calculations and strategy failed him and now was such a moment. “Good evening Officer…. Officer Nwankwo I presume” looking at the policeman’s name tag. The policeman did not like that much because it meant that if he asked for a bribe or did something illegal he could be reported to his superiors or his name taken to social media and once that was there he knew he would lose his job to safe face. The policeman determined in his heart then to go about his policing business with all the professionalism it required till the faltered in one and then they will beg him, and he will have them trapped. “Is there something wrong officer, your face looks like you are angry about something?” Saul continued trying to read the officer. “It is nothing, nothing at all” officer Nwankwo continued. “Where are you three going at this time of the night?” “Just going to a club that is all, you know after a long day’s job we would need to unwind” Saul countered smoothly, “Inner light and vehicle particulars please” the officer continued with irritation creeping in. “Make we smoke am run” Small whispered first, “I agree” came with whisper from Kazi, “You all will be dead before you even realize it dumbass. So, you cannot see we are surrounded with guns pointed at us” Saul sternly rebuked them. “Kazi hand the officer the documents and switch on the lights please” Saul announced with a nice accent. Kazi handed the papers to the officer who went through it over and over, it was all up to date. He said his farewell to the men and told them to move along but before Kazi could hit the accelerator, another officer stood in front of the car, immediately Officer Nwankwo saluted. This signaled to Saul that was a senior officer and it just seemed like much trouble. Saul could feel it in his bones. That nagging unrest he always felt before something went bad, was rising again. It had saved him numerous times but he feared the worst. “Hello Officer! what seems to be the problem? Officer Nwankwo here has searched us thoroughly and cleared us, hope you don’t mind we are a little late for the occasion we are attending” Saul called out nicely but firmly. “I am sorry young man, I am DPO Bayo and if you don’t mind we would like to search the car comprehensively. I apologize for any inconvenience or time wasting but we are also carrying out our job and we will be done before you know it and you will be on your way” the DPO replied with a friendly smile on his face. Saul already knew they where doomed and fell silent while Kazi tried to protest. “I see what you did here Lord?” Saul whispered with a smile on his face, “I warned you Saul”


Chidi woke up from the drug induced sleep with a banging headache, everything came rushing back and his tears flowed. He had not had the chance to see his wife because he had been an emotional wreck and he had to be induced to sleep with drugs, so he would not kill himself or do something dangerous. Dr Olubiyi walked in that exact moment. “Are you here to torment me further Doctor?” “Why will I Chidi? I do care about you and your soul”, “My body, soul and spirit are in hell already thanks for asking.” “Don’t say that Chidi, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope in this seemingly hopeless situation and she has been asking of you Chidi”, “How can I see her, how can I see her with everything that has happened. How do I pretend everything is okay when it is not? How can I proffer strength to her when I cannot be strong for myself? How can I call myself her husband when I cannot even defend or protect her?” “all the answers to these questions would be answer if you just take that leap of faith and go and see her you know”, “I can’t doctor I will not cause her more pain. She is better off without me” Chidi looked down sorrow written all over his face. “I am sick and tired of pampering you Chidi, you are a man and it is better you start acting that part. Yes, you have been through a whole lot, yes, a whole lot has been taken away from you, yes probably God has been unfaithful to you let us even assume that but as your wife been unfaithful to you? As she not given you herself and saved your life? Didn’t you say it with your mouth the great sacrifice in marrying you and taking a bullet for you? Is this how you treat such a woman that as put you first even before herself? Now she needs you like never before, and you go all teared up, saying you are not good enough or worthy enough or all that, but she definitely knew you had flaws and married you anyways so pick your sorry self-up and go and see that virtuous woman this minute”. Chidi was surprised at the outburst of the Doctor, he had never seen this side of Doctor Olubiyi who had looked calm and gentle, but he had fire in his eyes. Chidi though was not backing down, “how convenient for you to make excuse for your God now and blame me for everything, what was I expecting that you would understand, that you would sympathize with me? I guess I was hoping. He has been unfaithful and unjust to me. He has failed me”, Dr. Olubiyi calmer now went closer to Chidi on the bed, “behold God exalts and does loftily in his power, who has appointed God in His way? Or who can say you have done unrighteous? God is great, and we know him not or the full extent of His power, the number of His years is unsearchable. He draws up the water which distils as rain from his vapor which the skies pour down and drop abundantly upon mankind. Can anyone count the clouds? (JOB 36 exempts) Chidi go and see your wife she needs you, God’s ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts. For everything that happens under the sun He is aware of, even the end he knows from the beginning. Do not worry your head about what has been, you cannot change that past no matter how painful. Look for a way to make things better in the now and for the future” “What future is there for her, for us. She is HIV positive” Chidi asked too tired to argue. “See her first, everything else will take care of itself” Dr Olubiyi replied and headed for the exit.



Police Station…

The DPO prepares the paperwork for the three, “You have been found the weapons with no proof that it was legally obtained, you are facing a probable sentence of 10years in prison and a fine if found to be true that you illegally possessed these firearms. Since you all have denied being armed robbers we will quickly arraign you, if you do not have a lawyer the state would provide one for you. Your items would be kept safely till your release or transfer to jail. Meanwhile you will be held in our holding cell pending the time we can start proceedings in court”, “we deserve bail” Saul calmly put in, and officer standing behind him is about to hit him but the DPO stops him and continues, “I am sorry this is not a bailable offence till the court says otherwise. This are firearms we are talking about”, “Can I at least not be in the same cell with these two” Saul added, “When I find you Saul I will kill you” Kazi furiously replied and tried to attack Saul but was restrained by the officers who quickly beat him up. Small maintained his silence but his expression was that of anger towards Saul. “Take these two to another cell, I want to speak to this one” the DPO said pointing at Saul to wait behind, “Boss! Boss!! You snitch us like this, no be the way ooo. Las las we go meet oo and I go handle your mess up” Small finally reacted. The policemen took Kazi and Small away.

“Why would someone so enlightened and educated be mixed up with such riffraffs?” the DPO asked, “circumstance DPO, believe me I am nothing like them, they lured me into going for the party and if you just allow me go I promise I will not mix with such friends again” Saul turned on the charm. “Oh really?! unfortunately there is nothing I can do, you will have to dance to the tune of the law and I hope for your sake it is a lighter sentence, so you can go off and sin no more”, “Thank you sir. But I really do not want to stay in prison, if there is anything you can do for me, anything at all I will be glad” Saul continued, he was circling now and seemed to see a chance. “I really don’t understand you what do you mean by anything? I think I have been lenient enough by not allowing you to stay with them, what else are you expecting?” the DPO asked innocently, “I really don’t think I should say everything with all of my mouth now Officer, I can be your good friend, give you anything you need; you just go ahead and name it and it is yours. All I need of you is to omit my name or substitute it and let me go”. Saul now fully feeling his groove replied feeling confident he was about to get out of jail and outsmart the situation. “Wait! Are you saying you want to bribe me?!” The DPO replied astonished at the request, “Oh please don’t act all surprised, I get you might not know if this is a setup but trust me it is not. Name your price. N1 million or N2 million we can even negotiate higher if you want”. The DPO laughs hard, “There is nothing I will not see in this job. Anyways I am not your regular police officer, I did not get to this position through bribery and corruption. I do not do bribe or condole people who do and because there is something about I will not pursue this bribe case separately but if you dare try this stunt again you will face the full wrath of the law and I will make sure about it. Right now, you just made yourself my interest because I will make sure you get punished for your offence. Not all Police officers are corrupt, police officers too can be good men. You need Jesus young man. Officer Nwankwo please come take this man to the cell.

IN the Cell…

Hi Saul, hope you are feeling all comfortable in where you belong?” “I am surprised Lord, you do have a sense of humor. You have put me in jail, are you happy now?” “No, I will prefer to see you saved than die in your sin Saul, but you do deserve what is happening to you now, much more if not for my mercy” “I do not need your help Lord, I am doing fine”, “are you?” “Well, if I did not have you in my life probably I will but I will never know that, now would I?” “You are an ingrate Saul!” “I know but my brother was not, and You let him die what did he ever do to you? Was he also ungrateful to you, was he also like me now? He served you with everything and he was the reason I even came to know you and desire you earnestly but what did I get? You gave me a gift, a gift so beautiful but one I couldn’t use to save my brother. How could I use these same hands you gifted to heal, deliver and raise up to help others and my flesh and blood I could not do anything? How do you think I felt? What was my crime, do you think that is just? “Who are you that you think so highly of yourself? Or where were you when I formed the foundation of the earth? Who gave you the gift and made you Lord to decide who to use it for? Have you commanded the morning since your days began and caused the dawn to know where to rise? Has the gate of death been revealed to you or have you seen the doors of deep darkness? Will you also annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me your God, that you may appear righteous and justified? Since you question the manner of the Almighty’s rule deck yourself now with the excellency and dignity of the Supreme Ruler, and yourself undertake the government of the world if you are so wise, and array yourself with honor and majesty. If you can do all this, Saul, proving yourself of divine might then will I God praise you also and acknowledge that your own right hand can save you. (Exempt from Job 38-40). Saul, I demand an answer from you!!!” Saul was trembling at the Voice; the fierceness and thundering was scary and sweat had developed all over his body. “I have no answer Lord”, “Definitely you don’t have an answer Saul because you cannot do those things, you are not the All Knowing or Sovereign God, I am. Regarding your brother. He wanted to go and rest, he deserved to end his race without any blemish. If he had lived longer he would have made a mistake on the journey. You should rejoice he finished his race strong and he is with me. Do you think he will be proud of who you have become? This is your last chance Saul to change from your evil ways” The tears began to flow, Saul wept like he had never before “I am sorry Lord…………………..”



Shade was on the hospital bed, she had been moved from the ICU to a private ward that housed only her at the instruction of Chidi, he wanted her to be comfortable, but she wanted him to be here with her more than all the comfort in the world. She wanted him to look at her the same way he did the first time they met, the same way he did at the altar, the same way he did that night before they went to bed. She wanted him to look at her and tell her everything was going to be okay. She wanted him to reassure her that this cross was both theirs to bear and they would weather the storm together. She hurt so much but nothing compared to the emotional pain she felt, she knew that night’s event would change her world forever but the question lingering at the back of her mind was, to what end did all this tragedy happen to her? As she lingered in her thoughts. She heard footsteps and then the door opened, she still did not turn to find out who it was. She was tired of the numerous injections and drugs and blood taking. She just wanted to go home and be in the arms of the man she loved. She closed her eyes and feigned being asleep. “Hello Shade” came the voice and her eyes went wild open…

To be continued…

Writer: Toby21

Categories: Short Stories

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  1. But Saul tho…. He’s such an ingrate. When God releases his Mercy on man, he rather takes it for granted and continues in sin. He will still face the consequences of his sins, nevertheless God is still Merciful and will still pull him outta this pit. Meanwhile, the suspense is real o…. The part I have been waiting for has extended to next week. Poor Shade and Chidi, I just hope this HIV ish with shade is not true and maybe it’s a fake file. That will be an amazing testimony. But I’m so sure God is testing Chidi’s faith.


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