The News: Rains in October…

The News: Rains in October…


It has been an amazing month to be honest, a month were the rains have fallen which is unusual because the rains should have stopped in these parts. It has also been a month to keep everyone aware of Cancer and its negative effect in our society. With no cure yet, early detection is key. This month also took away a true friend who ironically was taken away from us by Cancer. So, I am sure you would pardon me if I want the month to finish in time. But hey! Look at the bright side, we only have this one life to live, so why don’t we make good use of it? Enjoy the little pleasures of life, go out often, affects lives positively, genuinely care for people, have fun, show your family some love, wear a smile always regardless. Say a little prayer for those in need of it, give some more, give anonymously, give graciously and it does not have to be money, It can be your time, your attention, your expertise, your smile, your hand or your experience. Just give. Do something that excites you every month, something that would remind you of living and not just existing. So that when all is said and done you can look back if you are afforded the time and tell yourself you have lived. Let us go over to the news now shall we…

Hamilton is World Champion…

lewis hamilton champion

Lewis Hamilton has won the Formula One season 2018. Hamilton did the incredible feat, in the Mexican Grand prix in which all he needed was a 7th place finish to secure the championship but came in 4th. This moves Hamilton into second place of those that have won the Formula One the most. Michal Schumacher still remains first place. This victory is one Hamilton will cherish considering the Ferrari had a better car and it took all of Hamilton’s experience and driving skills to take the win from Vettel of the Ferrari. Nice one Hamilton 44… It is Hammer time!!!


Leicester Chairman dies in Helicopter Crash…

leicester owner tra

Once again the Footballing world mourns the passing away of the chairman of Leicester city football club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha who passed on alongside two of his staff, the pilot and his assistant. It was reported after the West ham vs Leicester game, the Helicopter took off from the center circle of the stadium but did not make it past the parking lot before coming down and exploding. Our prayers and sympathy are with the family he left behind. May his soul rest in perfect peace. It would be reported he bought the club in 2010 and the team won the English Premiership in 2016 which was termed a Fairytale run. He would be missed by a whole city.

2019 Elections draw near…

As the 2019 General elections in Nigeria draws near I am burdened in my heart to write this piece. Let us not be quick to forget what happened in 2015 when we where so eager to remove Jonathan (which was a good move) but we went for someone that we knew would not perform in Buhari. We knew that he was not the best fit for the job, but we needed as a nation anyone but the man that had failed us incredibly. Come 2019 let us not make the same mistake in Atiku all because we do not want Buhari to continue. Yes, I admit I was one of those that wanted the change to happen, but the results have been painfully woeful and now is the time to seek the real change from another place but Atiku or PDP is not the answer. Let us not forget that Atiku was in the same party that embezzled money and almost ruined this country. I have spoken to so many youths and what I hear is that if we vote for another person asides Buhari or Atiku our votes will not count, but my answer always is simple; why don’t we try it first by voting another candidate then we can worry about it not counting afterwards. If we really want a change then we have to think outside the stereotypical box that only the PDP or APC can make the difference. Let me quickly remind you that before the APC came into power, no one gave them a chance or thought the PDP could be toppled but it happened because everyone truly desired it and went all out to make it happen. This is another opportunity to stand united and make it happen again. You already know where my heart is… FELA DUROTOYE….

Have a wonderful week, remember everything is possible if only you believe..

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