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The Man named P!

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Our friend, our brother – the one we called P!


“Fred! Fred!! Deola is dead! Fred, Piero is dead”!!!


Everything froze at this moment. Like what? I just had a chat like 2 days ago with P! It’s been a long journey trying to encourage him even when he dealt with so much pain.


The reality now, P!  was gone! I sat there, trembling, couldn’t control the tears as they flowed.


Flash back!


Piero had morphed from an agent I was evaluating to a friend. I admired how smart and opinionated he was. He always had something to say on topical issues – both at work and in cyberspace. His sense of humor was top notch.


In the wake of 2016, his health issues crept in. He kept mum about it but close friends did the best they could to reach out. Piero was a shining light in a world filled with pain. His Twitter account with live! On Twitter, Deola was a humor Lord, in real life, he was in severe pains. As the days went by, he was dying. sigh! Very few people in life had the kind of strength in pain that Piero had. Often when we talked, I shared personal experiences with him of how I dealt/was dealing with my own pain. With Piero, there was no holds barred, I could relate with what he was going through. I said a prayer for him several times.


Sometime in in early 2017, it looked like he was getting better and even came around the office severally and we hung out. He looked different from the frail guy we saw when we visited him.


I write this from the place of pain, the place of having lost loved ones in quick succession. Piero’s demise brought all the emotions I have been dealing with in a long time. The news broke me, I have been an emotional wreck!


Piero was our friend, our brother, he was our conversation starter, he was the bant king! I can vividly remember convos we had about religion, politics and other topical issues – Piero was always objective.


We are sad he isn’t here with us anymore, but Piero will always be in our hearts. We will remember him for the amazing guy he was. We will remember him for his brilliant mind and sense of humor. We will remember his bright mind. We will remember all the bants about dazawa, smith and jones, Jumia Woman, we will remember it all.


We are happy you are in a better place P! Away from the pains you gallantly endured for 2 years +.


I remember my birthday in 2016, you made a post that got me very emotional. Thank you P! I can never forget you.


Goodnight my friend, good night my brother…till we meet again!


P.S Just few days to your birthday you exited this world. You even knew when death came for you and you crushed it in the face with no fear. You are rare, you where amazing, you will be missed. Thanks for the jokes, for the laughter, for the advice, for the corrections and for the amazing ideas. You always said we would run the blog together, now you not only feature. You will forever be a main stay here and in my heart till my last breathe bro… Na man you be…. Forever you will live in our hearts and till we meet again. Keep resting bro… On behalf of the House of P! We salute you… T21

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  1. Adeola!!!! you were always jovial even in the craziest atmosphere, somehow, I now understand how you faced death so boldly and even joked with it.. I still remember days we went home together after work… sigh
    P! Rest on.. Rest well


  2. I never met you but I feel like I know you now and I can say you were a beautiful soul…You deserve some rest in a better place. God bless you for the life you lived.


  3. I never met you but I feel like I know you now and I can say you were a beautiful soul…You deserve some rest in a better place. God bless you for the life you lived.


  4. Adeola, sleep on in peace till the day of resurrection when you will rise up with the Saints into eternal rest with your Heavenly Father, Amen


  5. Rest in peace P. Thank you for the deep conversations, for the witty come-backs and for being amazing. You will be missed.

    Rest in peace P.


  6. Hmm!!! Piero, Adeola as I fondly call you….. Continue to rest on dear friend.
    He was a darling. We stopped keeping in touch when I got off bbm, friends with him from university days till we got out was cool…..he made me love watching ball…..will be like you must be a Barcelona fan….will buy you a jersey, we gisted, played, and all……
    Your death made me shake and cry but I finally understand you had to go to keep off the pain and go rest. I love you and you will forever remain in my heart as your thought has never left since your demise.
    Rest on P!


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