Short Stories


Episode 2…


“What happened to him?”, “He was attacked by armed robbers, He has lost so much blood, possible hemorrhage and concussion too”, “take him to the emergency ward quickly, his vitals are looking bad and make sure he is attended to by Dr. Olubiyi, he has a knack for this kind of cases” “yes sir”, “what about the woman, who is she?” “His wife according to the neighbors, DOA”, “to the morgue then and find someone to contact in the family” “Yes sir”.

Chidi could barely see their faces, neither could he mutter words, but he definitely heard them clearly. How Lord? was the question that kept swimming in his mind, if you had taken me I would understand, but she never did anything wrong to you. She served you all her life only for this to happen. Why Lord? And he drifted into unconsciousness.


Few days Later…

Chidi managed to open his eyes. The bright lights stung his eyes and he tried to shield it till his eyes got accustomed to the lights. The pain started to set in once he wanted to adjust and he groaned in pain. Then the flashback engulfed his mind. He saw the bullet go off in the direction of Shade, saw her lie still and then the face of the murderer who killed his wife turned slowly and stared at him with an oppressive glare then his lips contoured to a wicked grin before he pulled the trigger but instead of the sound he heard earlier, he heard a click and the voice of the one that dragged his wife out could be heard, “wetin happen boss”, “it is jammed” came the reply and he felt a sharp pain and was knocked out cold. By the time he opened his eyes from the horror pain, he was perspiring enormously and glitching his teeth. A nurse had rushed in and was saying something he could not understand till she touched him, and he flinched, then he heard her asking him what was wrong, and if he was okay because he screamed, but Chidi could not get himself to utter a word, he was in shock. The nurse quickly ran to get the doctor.

The doctor came in, “I am Olubiyi, your doctor. What you are feeling right now is normal, I just need for you to relax and breath in and out. Your body has been through a lot already. Just calm down”. Chidi began to breath, though labored but it felt good to breath, he did not realize he had been holding his breathe. After a while he looked at the doctor and asked, “what is going on where am I?”, “You are in the hospital Chidi, it is Chidi right?” “Yes… Yes it is”, “We thank God Chidi, you made it out alive, the first 24 hours after you where wheeled into this place was scary but God is obviously not done with you here, he brought you back from the other side when I had thought there was nothing again humanly possible than wait for you to breathe your last after exhausting all options”. “You talk about God, you really talk about Him now!” Chidi replied amidst glitched teeth, “Is there something wrong Mr. Chidi? because I was not trying to anger you when I mentioned God, I was just being grateful that you came out of it alive” the Doctor replied, “I would have been better off dead if He really cared, in fact none of this could have happened if He truly was the all knowing God”, “strong words sir.. whatever it is, I am sure His thoughts towards you are of good and not of evil”, “Funny She said the same thing to me, she always told me His plan was always for the best, now Doctor tell me this; how is my wife being raped and dis-virgined by an armed robber the Lords best plan for her or me eh? How is it the Lord’s best plan for us on our wedding night, this heartbreaking news after waiting for five years… Five solid years and that is my good for waiting? After all said and done, she begged to go home, but did He answer her when the beast mounted her? No instead He allowed that evil disgusting maggot finish his evil deed on my wife and when he wanted to kill me, she took a bullet for me, is that His Godly and goodly plan for me Doctor?” The room suddenly went silent, Doctor Olubiyi was lost for words, he was not prepared for it and he said a silent prayer in those awkward seconds for help from God, immediately he was done praying, his beep went off, he looked at it and it was an emergency. “Chidi I do not know the end from the beginning so I may not be able to answer that but what I do know is this; in the end you will find peace, do not give up” and he quickly excused himself but not before whispering to the nurse to sedate Chidi and make sure he is being watched round the clock because of his suicidal tendencies.


The next day, few of his colleagues from work came around to console him, but he went through the proceedings and tried as much as possible to be respectful though Chidi wanted to be left alone, then the unexpected happened, “Chidi I am so sorry for your loss, but God understands really” One of his colleague said, Chidi fired him a look that should make him repent from those words but he was not to be deterred and Chidi controlled his temper that was building, “look on the bright side, the company just promoted you now infact, he reaches for his pocket and hands Chidi a letter. At least something good came out from all these” the colleague rounded up. “You are insane!” Chidi fired back, everyone was in shock in the room, some even gasped, “yes I said that, you dare compare a promotion to the death of my wife, how heartless can you be? You tell me to look on the bright side, whao! So, the promotion is suddenly going to bring her back or the added money or incentive substitute her smile? Just leave please before I say something that would really hurt you because I will not be regretting any of my actions anytime soon. So please go this minute!’ “But. But….” The colleague tried to counter rising up from the chair he was in, “Just shut up already?! That is the door I suggest you all don’t return. She was my world okay, the reason I woke up to even go to that godforsaken place, we work. Maybe you should lose someone, and it would give you an inkling of the pain I feel. The murmurs of God forbid could be heard around. “Oh! None of you want to lose a loved one, then don’t go on like you know how I feel and trust me your God does not answer, so if it would happen to you, He is not going to avert it. They all rushed out, not looking back.


Dr. Olubiyi walked in later in the day and took a chair to sit beside Chidi, “So have you found out the answer to my question now Doctor?” Chidi attacked, folding his hand, “sigh… Trust me Chidi in my years as a doctor in the emergency ward especially, I have seen a whole lot, many have breathed their last in here while others have miraculously made a turn around for the better. The Lord has used me….” Chidi fired him a warning look on the mention of “Lord”, ‘Yes the Lord, I am so sure He is not the fondest person to you right now, but the Lord has used me, these hands to bring hope, relief and faith to people that came in hopeless and faithless, there is something about you Chidi that keeps me coming back to this room”, “the only reason you are coming back is because you do not have an answer to support your God”, “but I am sure with the way you talk, you are His too”, “Once His, don’t get it twisted, I am done with Him”, “Even if He does you a Miracle?!”, “What Miracle? Turn back the hands of time? Stop the rape from happening? Bringing my wife back from the dead? Really Doctor, you are a man of Science you know those things cannot happen not after how many days. Doctor don’t speak heresies all in a bid to convince me”. “Have you forgotten so soon Lazarus?”, “So what are you saying, that you can bring my wife back?” “I am a man of science like you rightly said, but I know the hand of God when I see it, though the fact that man even has the brains to open up another man, surgically operate and implant or fix an organ in itself is a miracle”, “Let us stop all this talk, is my wife still not ice cold dead as she was the first time we came into this hospital?”, Dr Olubiyi looked to the floor and held his hands together in prayer, “My point exactly, you should pray to your God because I am so done with him”. Dr Olubiyi stood up and headed for the door, “I really hope you have a change of heart soon Chidi, you have so much potential, so much and He loves you so much….. BY THE WAY YOUR WIFE IS ALIVE………”


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