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I will start today bright and early and let you all know there is good still in humanity and all it takes is a collective effort to show love and everything else would fall into place.

The place is Ireland, the main character is Nonso Muojeke and the supporting cast are his schoolmate. Nonso and his family had been denied asylum in Ireland and where due for deportation back to Nigeria. When the classmate of Nonso found out they not only tapped him at the back and sympathized with him they did more than that. The classmates with the help of the teachers had mounted a campaign and protested outside the Leinster House and presented a petition to the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan in an attempt to stop the deportation order which was successful.

Nonso returned to class after his family had been granted leave to remain. It shows the power of LOVE and UNITY and with these two instruments we can achieve so much more as a people. His classmates sure deserve an ACCOLADE. I hope this inspires someone.



Peter Obi

The Presidential aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku has opted for Peter Obi has his running mate in the next General election come 2019. The rumour before his appointment was that it was going to be between Obi and Okonji-Iweala. Considering Obi’s political experience and successes it seemed a better choice if you ask me. Peter Obi still remains the only Governor that came into power in Anambra and left with assets worth almost 200 million. It shows he is a man of integrity and leadership.

I am not in anyway supporting or endorsing Atiku because like you have read so many times in this blog. I believe we need a change from both parties that as failed us enormously and end the recycling of old politicians. I also have a question with this appointment though why can’t someone like Peter Obi or even Osinbajo be running for Presidency instead of the old men like Atiku and Buhari who should be retired and being consulted on state affairs? I hope the youth of Nigeria open their eyes and choose better come; 2019.




The Super Eagles of Nigeria defeated their Libyan counterpart 4-0 in an exciting and entertaining match. John Ighalo got a hattrick for Nigeria, something we have not seen in a very long time. This victory moves us second in the group and in one of the spots to qualify for the African Nations Cup. We next meet Libya away from home which promises to be another interesting match. Good job Rhor on a good performance by the Super Eagles so far and we will not forget Amaju Pinnick’s led NFF.



The Uefa Nations league is on going and it has shown interesting results and entertaining clashes. But one match the pundits did not expect is the huge defeat of Germany by the Dutch national team. We all know the Dutch team had been on a decline in previous years, but the new young side have been going through the building process one step at a time and the results are showing it. The Dutch team defeated the Germans three goals to zero in a highly entertaining match, with a masterstroke of genius from Ronald Koeman who played the counter attack football to perfection. The win which came after 16 years of trying by the Dutch team against the Germans was once celebrated by all the fans present in the stadium, but it also shows us the German team are in serious trouble and Ozil was never the problem like they wanted us to believe. It seems the German team would also need to rebuild and let some of the old veterans go who have won almost everything and probably are not giving their all. Only time would tell though if their Manager would still have a job in the nearest future.


Remember 10 percent of things that happens in life we have no Control over but the remaining 90 percent we do control. So how are you handling your reactions to things that happen to you, good or

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